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While some of the testimonials featured on Patton West’s latest website ‘The Rishi’ maybe genuine, many are not.  Below, we pick three that are obviously fake.

Susannah Felder PhD…

In 2003, AJ White who was a former board member of Patton West’s charity, The Circle of Divine Unity,’ gave John Watson a notarized statement for him to use against Patton West, who Watson was suing after she defrauded him in 2002.  AJ White’s statement is given in full below.  I would draw your attention to the paragraph highlighted in yellow, wherein AJ White describes Patton West’s vicious assault on Susannah Felder.  Does anyone really believe that Susannah Felder, after being partially scalped by Patton West, would give her a testimonial?  No of course not.  Patton West is either criminally insane or gets some perverse pleasure out of attributing testimonials to her victims.  In this case, a victim of violent assault.

STATE OF MONTANA         )                                          VERIFIED AFFIDAVIT OF
:                                          A.J. WHITE REGARDING
County of Ravalli               )                                          DEVRA WEST


COMES NOW, A.J. White, and states the following is true:
My involvement with Divine Unity and specifically Devra West began in 1998-99 when I attended sessions of the Sacred Arts Institute. I attended bi-annual sessions and decided to come to Montana in the fall of 2000 to assist the Foundation in its spiritual pursuits.

I first became involved with the office in the spring of 2001 when I went to Jerusalem as a support person. At that time I became aware of the extravagant lifestyle and personal catering needed by Ms. West. She required a suite when the whole project was a money loser and also required several people to be at her beck and call.  In fact, all of the personal assistants that I encountered in my time with Divine Unity were verbally, emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically abused.  There were rumors spread around the departure of the Director, Roger Hill, disparaging his name when he had decided to resign as Director of the Foundation at the end of March, 2001.  Devra West insisted that he remain through April even though she was the instigator of the rumors.  He refused.  I then became the Director of the Foundation for a very short period, approximately 4 months.  Roger Hill was most helpful in passing on information but could not really pass on the difficulties that he encountered: the secrecy, questionable financial practices and institutionalized abuse. 

I soon realized that the position of Director was in name only.  All decisions were made by Devra.  There was no possibility of handling the personnel issues within the office, as Devra would countermand any or all of my decisions.  I was denied signatory on the checking account and access to financial statements.  The controls of all the monies were in the hands of Devra and Jack West.  When people approached me wanting to know where the donations they had made went, there was no trail.  When I insisted on having this information, like monthly financial reports, I couldn’t get them and my investigating caused angst within the office.  There was one specific circumstance concerning a donation of $80,000 by Tanmayo (Corrine [I don’t remember her last name]) from Brazil.  I became aware of the donation when Devra called me at 10:00pm at home to inform me that she called her “little kitty” (referring to the donor), for some money that she needed.  Cheryl O’Brien, DU accountant, was specifically told by Devra that she was not to tell me or Mike Hendrickson (volunteer auditor) that this money had come in.  Because of our close relationship and her discomfort, she did disclose this to me and asked for my secrecy.  To my knowledge this money did not show anywhere on the books.

From a business standpoint, DU makes its money by putting on conferences.  I chaired the June 2001 bi-annual Sacred Arts Institute.  I found there was no clear methodology in preparing for the 2-week event.  It truly was a fly-by-the-seat-of your-pants organization, at the whim of Devra West.  I was able to track the monies in and receipting of funds for that 2-week period.  It was one of the largest conferences and the gross funds taken in for that major event was approximately $95,000. The immediate expenses written off against that conference brought profits well below $50,000.  In screening the expenses of the association coupled with the huge personal expenses of Devra, the organization was on shaky ground financially. In trying to attract donations, and trying to put in place some controls of fund usage, I proposed to earmark donations specifically for specific programs i.e. the Children’s program etc.  There was major resistance to this as all monies were to be given to Devra personally for her use as she saw fit.  She stated at that time that she needed to spend over $100,000 on legal fees for her son and a custody hearing.  I do not know the truth of that statement but was puzzled on how this in any way related to the Foundation. I do know that the handling of monies was shrouded in secrecy.  When I asked her why she always called the monies hers and not God’s or for the Foundation, she told me how important she was and without her there would be no Foundation, and it all belonged to her.  There was an obvious blurring of lines between her personal ownership and that which belonged to the Foundation.

Her outbursts and tirades existed both within spiritual sessions and at those who worked for her.  I personally only experienced the verbal abuse and the screaming over the phone was so intense that I told her that I would not speak to her until she got in control of herself.  I hung up on her, a first for me in my life.  I observed many occasions of verbal cruelty in which she ranted at people, threw water in their faces and caused severe emotional anguish, all in name of assisting them in their spiritual quest.  In late July 2001, while I was on a business trip to Denver, Susanna Felder, a committed assistant for over 9 years and editor of Devra’s writing, called me.  She called me in severe distress as she had gotten into a heated discussion with Devra on whether or not I should be put on the BOD – there was no Foundation BOD at that time.  Devra became so incensed that she attacked her and ripped clumps of hair out of Susanna’s head. This was severe abuse and ultimately led to Susanna leaving DU within the month.  I returned to the office several days later and the first thing I did was to address this abuse in a staff meeting with Susanna in attendance.  Jack West, who was present at the event, categorically denied it happened while Anandra accused Susanna of causing the problem.  This collaborative deception was so shocking that I resigned, effective immediately.  The cover-up was endemic and serious abuse issues were lied about and swept under the rug.  The lack of integrity by Devra, her impropriety around money and her physical and verbal abuse of individuals were the reasons for my leaving.

I make this statement as I feel a responsibility to those who may become involved with Divine Unity, to those with whom I worked and to those who were affected by these behaviors.  I do this in the clearest and most truthful manner.     

DATED this _____ day of May, 2004.


A.J. White

Subscribed and Sworn to before me on this ____ day of May, 2004.


Notary Public for the State of Montana
(SEAL)                                                                            Residing at ______________________
Commission Expires ______________

Dave Kushner…

The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West,

In late spring 2005, the whistleblower John Watson was contacted by Dave Kushner, who was an ex-student of Patton West’s unaccredited school for occult studies the ‘Sacred Arts Institute.’  In January 2004, the whistleblower reported massive fraud on the part of Patton West and her husband Jack West, in respect of their charity, ‘The Circle of Divine Unity.’   Basically, Patton West and her husband were using the charity’s bank accounts as their personal accounts, which included stealing $80,000 donation mentioned in AJ White’s statement featured above.  As a consequence, their charity was struck off the Montana charity register.  Since Patton West’s school the ‘Sacred Arts Institute’ (SAI) was a subsidiary of The Circle of Divine Unity, Patton West immediately changed the name of her unaccredited school to the ‘Sacred Archives Institute’ (SAI).  Long story short, without public cash donations to steal, Patton West became desperate for funds to pay for her lavish lifestyle. So, to keep the funds flowing she started to rob, defraud and extort money from members of her cult.

When Dave Kushner phoned John Watson in the spring of 2005, he shared that he had been defrauded out of $30,000.  He explained that another student, Lisa Swidler, had approached him asking for help with a two week bridging loan so that Patton West did not lose her property.  The terms were agreed and after Patton West had signed an agreement promising to pay the money back within 14 days Dave Kushner handed over $30,000 to Patton West via Lisa Swidler.  Patton West refused to pay the money back and even refused to talk to Dave Kushner about it, even though she had signed an agreement to repay him within 14 days.  Fearing he would be targeted for occult ‘under the radar’ intimidation or murdered, Dave Kushner decided not to go to law to recover his money and chose instead to walk away empty handed.  You can listen to Dave Kushner’s audio statement by going here.

In passing.  During the same conversation Dave Kushner explained that another student, Marion Cantwell, had recently sold her home and as a consequence, was kidnapped by Patton West, held captive, beaten and only released after she ‘donated’ tens of thousands of dollars to Patton West from the sale of her home.  Upon being released, Marion was told that if she went to the police she would be killed.  Like Dave Kushner, Marion, fearing being targeted with occult ‘under the radar’ violence or murder, decided to walk away empty handed.  To listen to Dave Kushner talk about Marion Cantwell go here.  Also in 2005, another student Mike Hendrickson, who was a partner in a Colorado firm of accountants, was defrauded out of $200,000.  Put simply, Mike Hendrickson was persuaded to sign a note at a local bank to guarantee the charity’s overdraft.  After Patton West’s charity was struck off for fraud, Patton West emptied the bank account and put the $200,000 in a personal trust fund for herself and her eldest son Rob Meador.  Mike Hendrickson gets a small mention as a victim of fraud in the Whitefish Pilot newspaper article.  Like Dave Kushner and Marion Cantwell, Mike Hendrickson decided not to go to law to recover the funds because he too, was afraid that he would be targeted for violent intimidation or murder.

Sadly, also in 2005, Lisa Swidler the senior student who had brokered the 14 day bridging loan between Patton West and Dave Kushner, decided that she did not want to be part of what was obviously a criminal racketeering business model, so left the cult.  Very shortly afterwards, Lisa died suddenly and mysteriously leaving behind two small children under the age of ten.  The coroner ruled that Lisa had died of natural causes (internal bleeding). What other conclusion could he come to as he was totally unaware that Patton West was quite capable of committing murder at a distance.  Both Kushner, Cantwell and Hendrickson were all aware that Patton West uses occult (hidden) knowledge to enforce secrecy within the cult and uses the same knowledge to cause pain, suffering and murder to those that oppose her.  Indeed, in 2002 Jack West, then Patton West’s husband, told John Watson that those who opposed his wife had a habit of dying suddenly.  Clearly Kushner, Cantwell and Hendrickson knew that and Watson would also come to learn that in 2007 when Patton West attempted to murder him too.

In conclusion, does anyone seriously think Dave Kushner would provide Patton West with a testimonial?  No, of course not.

Dr. Julio Williams MD…

As a student of Patton West’s school for occult studies for the past 20 years, it comes as no surprise that Julio Williams has provided a testimonial for Patton West.  In spite of the fact that over the past 20 years Patton West has had more names and aliases than most people have had hot dinners, Williams can be relied upon to keep providing Patton West with a never ending list of testimonials.  It is clear that Williams is either mentally ill or a willing partner to Patton West in racketeering and murder.  Below is his latest testimonial.

The Rishi, Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra,

Now let us go down memory lane to see just what a stooge / willing accomplice in organized crime that Dr. Julio E Williams has been since 2005.  In 2003 John Watson, after being defrauded by Patton West, announced he was going to sue her for fraud.  In 2005 three physicians, Williams, Cole and Cornell, that Patton West had lured into her cult to ‘front’ her latest ‘get rich quick scheme were persuaded to defame John Watson via a statement they posted on Patton West’s website.  What you have to understand is that all three of these individuals were total strangers to John Watson and yet all three, at Patton West’s request / demand were willing to defame him.  Dr. Cornell came to her senses and left the cult immediately after the statement was posted.  In 2006 Dr. Cole ended up being viciously assaulted by Patton West on multiple occasions as part of a campaign to extort $1.3 million from her!  As you can see, Patton West has an insatiable appetite for other people’s money.  Below is an excerpt from that statement you can read the full statement by going here.

The Rishi, Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra,

Note that stooge Dr. Julio E Williams MD stakes his honor and credibility on defending her personal integrity and establishing the truth. One wonders if Dr. Julio E Williams MD was aware of the crimes being committed against Kushner, Cantwell and Hendrickson at the very time he was authoring this statement.  One wonders if he was aware of Lisa Swidler’s sudden death and the likelihood that Patton West murdered her to silence her.  In an event what we can be sure of is that in 2008 & 2009, Dr. Julio E Williams MD was aware of the following:-

Dr. Julio Williams, Rishi Devra, The Rishi, Devra Patton West,

Clearly, Williams has no honor or credibility.  But there is much worse to come…

In 2007 to 2009 timeframe, Patton West had up a website which was an earlier and less sophisticated version of what she has up now.  Just like the current website, it was packed with lies and propaganda and clearly part of a massive fraud scam.  One of the frauds being carried out, which Dr. Julio E Williams MD was obviously aware of was Patton West using images from a multi-million dollar property and advertising it as her own!  The Whitefish Pilot newspaper interviewed the real owners Robert & Tabby Ivy who stated that they had repeatedly asked Patton West not to use images of their property in her brochures and on her website.  Below are two images that appeared side by side on Patton West’s website and as you can see the background color is the same.  The first image is an excerpt from another sycophantic testimonial from Dr. Julio E Williams MD.  You can view the entire testimonial by going here.

Dr. Julio Williams, Rishi Devra, The Rishi, Devra Patton West,

Above: Another gag inducing testimonial from Dr. Julio E Williams MD.  Patton West puts him out front as much as possible because she believes his perceived respectability will work to convince future victims that she is the real deal!

Below is an image of Robert & Tabby Ivy’s property which Patton West fraudulently used to mislead the public into thinking she was a person of means.  In reality, while perpetrating this fraud, Patton West was being evicted from two rental properties in quick succession and had a lien against her for unpaid employment insurance.  The Whitefish Pilot & Bigfork Eagle newspaper articles go into great detail.

The Rishi, Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra,

Above right: An image of Robert & Tabby Ivy’s property as depicted on Patton West’s website and in her brochures.

Dr. Julio Williams MD was clearly aware of this fraud, as his biography appeared on the same website for two years!  Williams was also aware that Patton West was heavily in debt (while pretending to be a billionaire) because Julio Williams MD donated $100,000 to Patton West in early 2007, as this email from Patton West’s office manager attests!

In January 2007, when it looked like the whistleblower’s lawsuit was going to be successful, Julio Williams MD, at the obvious request or demand from Patton West (the leader of his cult), sent an expletive laden threatening email to John Watson.  The email was obviously intended to intimidate Watson into withdrawing his lawsuit against Patton West as it also made mention of the fact that Williams was gifting $2,000,000 to Patton West’s legal expenses.  Below is an excerpt from Williams’ email you can read the full length version by going here.

Dr. Julio Williams, Rishi Devra, The Rishi, Devra Patton West,

Clearly, Williams had crossed the line from defamation in 2005, to witness tampering - punishable by a lengthy jail sentence.  In spite of Williams’ threatening email and the campaign of occult ‘under the radar’ violence that Patton West launched in December 2006, Watson continued and won his lawsuit in 2008.  The judge awarding him $736,000 in damages and costs.  To cut a long story short, Julio E Williams was as good as his word and with millions of dollars to spend on multiple frivolous lawsuits in 2010, Patton West with the help of another stooge Geoffrey Reynolds got her revenge.  This is dealt with elsewhere on this website. For more information review the tabs dedicated to Dr. Julio E Williams’ and Geoffrey Reynolds’ role in the conspiracy against Watson and the injunction that was effectively ‘bought’ by Williams’ money.  After all the publicity and Patton West’s many visits to court as the defendant in fraud related lawsuits, two arrest warrants a conviction for assault and being forced to sell all her assets at a Sheriff’s Sale to force her to pay past victims of crime $2,000,000 in court fines and interest her criminal racketeering business model was dead in the water in Montana.  Having silenced the whistleblower, Patton West, Williams & Reynolds were free to move to yet another western state where they apparently do not prosecute ‘white collar’ crime.

What follows are just a few of the fake testimonials that Dr. Julio E Williams MD has provided for the leader of his cult.  Again, we make the point that either Williams is mentally ill or a willing accomplice in racketeering and murder as no one can be that stupid especially not a physician / thoracic surgeon.

Dr. Julio Williams, Rishi Devra, The Rishi, Devra Patton West,

Above: Williams leads an appeal for funds for the ‘divine feminine’ in 2011 – 2012 timeframe. He does so even though he knows that Patton West has a history of physically assaulting the female members of her cult.  See below.

In 2014, Dr. Julio Williams MD posted a public appeal on Patton West’s website for funds for the ‘Divine Feminine’ knowing that Patton West had planned to murder fellow physician Dr. Pat Cole MD if she did not pay $1.3 million to Patton West.  He also knew of the vicious assaults by Patton West on Susannah Felder and Beatrice McGuire

The Rishi, Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra,

Three women viciously assaulted by Patton West in Montana when she was masquerading as the Ascended Master Surya Ma.  The assault on Dr. Pat Cole MD marked the beginning of the end for Patton West’s reign of terror there. 

Dr. Julio Williams, Rishi Devra, The Rishi, Devra Patton West,

Above:  Williams posting on the social media website ‘Meet Up’ in 2013. Clearly Dr. Julio E Williams MD is phishing for new victims to join the cult knowing that each will be brainwashed and conditioned into ‘submitting’ to the Master Abuser.

Below are some recent statements from Dr. Julio Williams’ Facebook pages and from Patton West’s website. 

Dr. Julio Williams, Rishi Devra, The Rishi, Devra Patton West,

Above: “Thy humble salutations to thy lotus feet.” Williams is aware of her true criminal nature how could he not be?  However being a Satanist cult the more harm, upset and grief that he and Patton West can cause to others the more they are happy.

And here…
Dr. Julio Williams, Rishi Devra, The Rishi, Devra Patton West,
Above: Om Shri Rishi Ma Addi Ma Mataji.  Dr. Julio Williams is obviously aware of Patton West’s true biography / life journey having been a key part of her criminality since the year 2000.  Williams is clearly being used by West to suck in spiritual seekers.

And here…

Dr. Julio Williams, Rishi Devra, The Rishi, Devra Patton West,
Above: Mimicking the same propaganda as appears in Patton West’s fake bio / Life story Williams uses such phrases as “Touched by her grace” and “Our Rishi mother whose wisdom, grace and spiritual mastery etc.”  Is Williams mentally ill or a willing accomplice in a massive deception, a monumental fraud and a senior member of a cult / criminal gang?

The following photos taken from Patton West’s website.  Dr. Julio Williams MD appears to be a totally brainwashed individual that Patton West has used shamelessly to promote herself since he joined her cult / criminal gang in the year 2000. 

Dr. Julio Williams, Rishi Devra, The Rishi, Devra Patton West,

Above: Dr. Julio Williams seen on bended knee before the leader of his Satanist cult.  Is Williams’ membership of a Satanist cult / criminal gang compatible with a doctor’s oath to ‘do no harm?’  A Satanist by definition is all about harming others.

And Patton West, shamelessly uses Dr. Williams’ his perceived respectability as a physician and thoracic surgeon as demonstrated on a recent posting she made on her Facebook page where she invited attendees to ‘Sacred Sundays with Rishi’ pointing out that these would be held at the home of Dr. Julio Williams MD.

Dr. Julio Williams, Rishi Devra, The Rishi, Devra Patton West,
Above: What could possibly be better for a con artist selling ‘divine grace healings’ for $500,000 a go than to have a tame physician / thoracic surgeon on hand to verify that she is a divine being and therefore capable of delivering a miracles!  Although Dr. Williams knows that all she will deliver is more organized crime as was the case in Montana and New Mexico before that.

Finally, at the beginning of 2018, massive amounts of information from her criminal past in Montana started to migrate towards Patton West’s website.  The sheer volume of information appearing next to searches for her name or aliases overwhelmed her ability to have people believe her lies and propaganda.  Accordingly, Patton West wheeled out her favourite stooge Dr. Julio E Williams MD who apparently bought a website at his own expense and posted another of his defamatory statements about the whistleblower.  What Williams attempted to do was convince the public that the injunction Patton West obtained (by using the $2,000,000 he put up) was not ‘bought’ by Patton West by outspending Watson in court.  Dr. Julio Williams’ objective was to try to give legitimacy to the injunction by asserting that it was granted to Patton West by an independent judge as a result of the judge’s totally independent inquiry into cybercrimes.   You can review an in depth analysis of Dr. Julio E Williams’s defamatory statement by going here.   

 Rishi Devra, The Rishi, Devra Patton West,Dr. Julio Williams,

What the whistleblower was guilty of was publicising Patton West’s many crimes in Montana & New Mexico after winning his fraud lawsuit against Patton West.  Williams funds Patton West with enough money to issue multiple frivolous lawsuits against Watson which he cannot afford to defend because he moved abroad in 2005.

Patton West’s criminal business model is entirely based on cyber-crime, in that she is inviting huge public donations based on lies and propaganda.  She is selling miracles cures on-line with Dr. Julio Williams’ full support. She is also offering fake ‘career opportunities’ via her website.  However, as often happens with criminals they mirror their crimes on to their victims and having acquired / bought an injunction with Williams’ money Patton West & Williams can say what they want knowing Watson cannot answer their lies and defamations.

In conclusion, Dr. Julio E Williams’ testimonials are not worth the paper they are written on. 

In addition to marketing Patton West to the public as a minor deity for the past 15 years, Dr. Julio E Williams is clearly involved in the denying of crimes via statements and propaganda he knows to be false.  Dr. Julio E Williams is either mentally ill or a willing participant in racketeering and murder.  No one can be that stupid.