Overwhelming Documentary Proof that Dr. Julio E. Williams has funded Organized Crime to the Tune of Millions of Dollars and is a Willing Participant in Racketeering and Murder.


Above: Dr. Julio E Williams MD in his ‘day job’ masquerades as a respectable physician and thoracic surgeon.  Behind the scenes, and for the last 20 years, he has been a senior member of a Satanist Death cult / Criminal Racketeering Gang. 


We have dealt with Patton West’s criminal history on innumerable occasions, in other past bulletins, which can be viewed by going to this web address.  However, a short summary of her distinguished career as a con artist and violent convicted criminal might be useful for new readers.



Prior to the 1990’s, Patton West (along with her husband Jack West) was drug dealer, pot grower and con artist defrauding individual victims like Jeremy Samuelson out of, in his case, $10,000 at a time.  After going bankrupt, Patton West decided to become an Ascended Master and in that regard, attended the Robert Jaffe School for Energy Mastery itself a cult and a cult training school, where Patton West defrauded one of her fellow students, Satya, out of $6,000.  Below is an excerpt from a website entitled ‘Cult Education Institute. By following the link, you can review statements given by those who escaped from that cult.  Here is an excerpt from one ex-cult member who decided to leave The Robert Jaffe School for Energy Mastery.



We were told that all sorts of things were "against God". Things like Reiki healing, which I had been involved in for some years. Over time I would learn that homosexuality and eastern religions were also "against God". By then, I had become quite disgusted with all that was being asked of me and I wrote an email to Dr. Jaffe announcing that I was leaving the path.  Jaffe responded months later and threatened that I could become sick and die from something like cancer for leaving. That did not happen. Instead, I discovered some years later that Jaffe's own wife got ill with cancer and died from it. 


We know from witnesses, that Devra West took the Robert Jaffe playbook and adapted it for her own use.  After completing her training in 1991, she declared herself to be an Ascended Master stating that anyone disagreeing with her was ‘blocking the energies.’  Very quickly, she formed a personality cult around herself and proceeded to do what all narcissists / psychopaths do which is to assert their divine right to rule over the lives of others, while harvesting the energy and the finances of those trapped in the cult to better themselves.  We also know that Devra West used the threat of murder as a way of intimidating victims, witnesses and the members of her own cult into remaining silent about her criminal acts.  A document entitled ‘Pats Records’ which was given to the Flathead police department in 2007, references the fact that Patton West had mentally and physically abused several of the members of her New Mexico cult.  Until one day, she targeted the wrong person, who literally chased her out of the state in the middle of the night with a large loaded gun! 


The cult as a criminal business model had huge benefits to Patton West, the following being some:-


1. She had a ready supply of ‘sheeple’ who could be brainwashed and conditioned into fund raising for her.


2. When needed, she could manipulate the wealthy members of her cult into ‘donating’ their wealth to fund her huge lifestyle costs and funding her legal costs when the victims of theft, fraud and extortion fought back.


3. Persons with influence and perceived respectability such as Dr. Julio Williams MD, could be shamelessly used by Patton West to market herself to the public as a messianic figure capable of delivering miracle health cures.


4. When threatened by a victim of crime seeking justice via the courts, she could mobilize members of her cult against the threat by putting them into the fight between herself and the victim.



Above from left to right:  Patton West after obtaining occult knowledge between 1990 & 1991, declared herself to be an Ascended Master and formed a personality cult around herself.  Dr. Julio Williams became a willing member of her Satanist cult and a student at her unaccredited school for occult studies.  Geoffrey Reynolds CPA joined Patton West as an employee, but after being duped into loaning her $300,000, fell totally under her control.  Both Williams & Reynolds effectively became mannequins of Patton West’s and were used by her to destroy victims of crime, who went public or sought help from the courts .



Occam's razor (or Ockham's razor) is a principle from philosophy. Suppose there exists two explanations for an occurrence. In this case, the one that requires the least amount of assumptions is usually correct.

Another way of saying it is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation. A corollary to the theory is this: If stupidity is one of the possible answers, it is the most likely answer.


When applying Occam’s razor to Dr. Julio Williams’ actions over 14 years, one has only two options to choose from when deciding his motivations.  First, he is either incredibly stupid or second, he is a willing participant in organized crime and murder.  We present the evidence.  And nobody can be this stupid.


Let us first establish a timeline for his involvement with Patton West.  The statement below here, that Dr. Julio Williams authored and posted on Patton West’s website in 2007, makes it clear that he joined her cult / criminal racketeering gang in the year 2000 i.e. 19 years ago.



Above: The first of many gushing testimonials that could only come from the mouth of a brainwashed and conditioned member of a cult or from a pathological liar – a prerequisite of being a Satanist.  Dr. Julio Williams establishes that he joined Patton West’s cult in the year 2000.  In disregard of her criminal activities, Williams refers to her as a good example to humanity.


PREAMBLE.  Though Dr. Julio Williams’ first public statement in respect of Patton West happened in 2005, it is worth noting the events that preceded the first of his many public interventions on her behalf.  In 2001, Patton West was caught stealing a $80,000 cash donation from the charity.  The money was used to fund her son’s legal fees. Her son, Chris Haywood, has an FBI record for forgery, substance abuse and traffic violations.  Like mother like son? The employee, Susannah Felder, who challenged Patton West about the stolen money, was viciously assaulted and partially scalped by Patton West.  Dr. Williams must have been aware of this.  At an event held in 2002 in Montreal, at which Dr. Julio Williams MD attended as a student, Patton West was challenged publicly by student Beatrice McGuire who accused Patton West of telling lies.  This resulted in Patton West viciously assaulting McGuire in front of scores of witnesses, with the result that the student had part of her ear ripped away.  Beatrice received a lawyer’s letter where Patton West agreed to pay for the victim to have plastic surgery.  Within days, Patton West was denying any wrong doing and accusing the victim of being mentally ill.  A strategy used by Patton West against all of her victims.


In January 2004, Patton West’s charity, ‘The Circle of Divine Unity’ was struck off the Montana charity register after the whistleblower John Watson reported Patton West’s fraud to the Montana Secretary of State. The loss of her charity, a cash cow, resulted in Patton West having to make two quick decisions.  The first was to change the name of her unaccredited school for occult studies from the Sacred Arts Institute (SAI), to the Sacred Archives Institute (SAI).  And secondly, no longer having a ready source of cash donations from the public to fund her luxurious lifestyle which included servants and a personal cook, she started to cull / harvest members of her cult.  She did this by robbing, defrauding and extorting money from them.  

Preying on the members of her cult was something Patton West did as a matter of routine, such as when she defrauded John Watson in 2002. However, after her charity was struck off, she sped up the process considerably. 



Clock wise from top left:  The class of 2002 members of Patton West’s cult, comprising of students and employees.  Several victims in this photo including John Watson, Dr. Pat Cole MD, Marion Cantwell, Dave Kushner and Mike Hendrickson all the victims of theft, fraud or extortion and violence.  Lisa Swidler was murdered by Patton West. Right: a fitting image of Patton West’s criminal business model that has not changed for 28 years – spiritual seekers in one end cash comes out the other.  Bottom left: a recent photo of the class of 2018.  Bottom middle: on his knees before the leader of his Satanist cult Dr. Julio Williams MD.  Williams appears in each photo and cannot possibly be unaware that Patton West is an occult thief / con artist.


A WORD OR TWO FROM PATTON WEST HERSELF.  After John Watson announced he was going to sue Patton West for fraud in 2003, she insisted on meeting with Watson in private to try to persuade / threaten him not to go to law.  Watson recorded their conversation with a digital tape recorder, which can be listened to in its entirety by going here.  Excerpts from that conversation are listed below here:- 



1.  Devra West refers to John Watson as ‘Prince Charming.’

2.  West agrees she has defrauded John Watson but does not see herself paying him!

3.  West acknowledges that she is a control freak and admits to disposing of people like used Kleenex.

4.  John Watson advises that she will not do the same to him.

5.  West goes berserk and in an expletive laden tirade accuses the whistleblower of exploiting her vulnerability!  This behavior proves beyond doubt that Devra West is criminally insane.  

6.  West says that if Watson sues her she’ll get so f*cking down and dirty huge expenses coming out of his pocket and not hers because Williams will pay her legal fees.

7. West says she feels stabbed in the back and f*cked up the arse by Watson’s insistence that West pay her the $50,000 she owes him.  West has an emotional melt down and leaves in hysterics!

8. The truth does not matter (if she can convince the public that her lies are their truth).


In the following, we present nine pieces of the evidence against Dr. Julio Williams MD.  You, the reader, can decide using Occam’s razor, whether Williams is stupid or a willing participant in organized crime and murder.


1. After Watson announced he was going to sue Patton West for defrauding him, Dr. Julio Williams MD, obviously at Patton West’s request, defamed John Watson in 2005.  Dr. Julio Williams MD was, and still is, a total stranger to Watson. It is obvious that his actions were orchestrated by Patton West the leader of his cult / criminal gang.


2. Lisa Swidler was a student of Patton West’s who tried to leave the cult in 2005, after witnessing Patton West commit two very serious crimes against Kushner and Cantwell, both students at Patton West’s unaccredited school for occult studies. Dr. Julio Williams MD must have been aware of the sudden death of Lisa Swidler in 2005 and the likelihood that Patton West had murdered her.


3. Dr. Julio Williams MD published a statement on Patton West’s website in 2006, which attempted to ‘market’ Patton West to the public as a guru, knowing full well at the time that Patton West was appearing in court after committing several serious financial crimes and was being prosecuted for assault.  Furthermore, Williams knew that Patton West’s claims to be a billionaire were totally false.  Williams also knew that Patton West was fraudulently using images of a multi-million dollar mansion, depicting it in her brochures and on her website as belonging to her, when in fact it belonged to Robert & Tabby Ivy who had repeatedly asked Patton West over a 2 year period not to use images of their property.  These are all well-documented lies.


4. In January 2007, after it looked like John Watson’s lawsuit against Patton West for fraud was likely to succeed, Dr. Julio Williams MD wrote a threatening email to Watson telling Watson not f*ck with him.  In the same email, Williams pledged $2,000,000 of his personal fortune to Patton West’s legal defense fund.  Williams email was an obvious attempt at witness tampering and an attempt to intimidate Watson into withdrawing his lawsuit against Patton West.  I leave it to the reader to ask what kind of a person puts up $2,000,000 to fund the expenses in a legal dispute he is not involved in?


5. Dr. Julio Williams MD was aware that Patton West had in April 2006, viciously assaulted Dr. Pat Cole MD, a fellow physician, student and member of Patton West’s cult.  Dr. Julio Williams’ response to the vicious assault on a fellow physician by Patton West was to donate $100,000 to Patton West.  However, when news of the assault went public in July 2007, Dr. Williams joined the chorus of denials published on Patton West’s website.  He did so even though, like scores of other members of the cult, Williams had receive an email from Patton West in April 2006 wherein she admitted assaulting Cole and admitted the assault was severe but administered with grace! 


6. The plot to Murder John Watson.  Dr. Julio Williams, a student and senior cult member of Patton West’s, must have been aware of the plot by Patton West to murder John Watson (who had turned whistleblower about the cult) and caused the Whitefish Pilot & Bigfork Eagle to publish two newspaper articles about Patton West’s criminal activities in Montana.


7. By using some of the $2,000,000 that Dr. Julio Williams had provided for her, Patton West, with the help of ‘liar for hire’ Geoffrey Reynolds CPA, succeeded in outspending Watson in court by issuing multiple frivolous (without merit) lawsuits against him that Watson could not afford to defend. The result was that Watson’s websites were forced down, leaving Patton West to reincarnate herself in Arizona with a new fake name, new fake life story / bio and with even more outrageous claims to divinity.  Dr. Julio Williams MD has continued his role as chief marketer and cheerleader knowing that her claims are false and that it is all part of a massive fraud.


8.  In 2018, when evidence of Patton West’s criminal past started to appear on the internet Dr. Julio Williams MD put up a website dedicated to totally misrepresenting the injunction that Patton West had obtained.  This propaganda piece is yet another attempt by Patton West to convince the public that her lies are their truth.


9.  In spite of knowing that Patton West is a total fraud and that her life story / bio is a fantasy and a pack of lies, Dr. Julio Williams MD continues to market her as a messianic figure.


10. Dr. Julio Williams MD has received some 400 to 500 emails from John Watson, the whistleblower, over the past 3 years or so at this email address [ jcwilliams@prodigy.net ].  This amounts to 2 or 3 emails a week which detail the ongoing campaign of occult ‘under the radar’ intimidation being directed at the whistleblower and his family by Patton West.  This is the weapon Patton West uses against anyone who opposes her.  Since Williams is a student of Patton West’s, and has been learning how to use this weapon himself over the past 20 years, he clearly cannot pass these emails on to the police or FBI as to do so would incriminate himself and the leader of his Satanic cult. 


We will now lay out a small portion of the evidence we have against Dr. Julio Williams MD by sharing more detail on each of the 10 points listed above.  Again, applying Occam’s razor you the reader can decide whether Dr. Julio Williams is just plain stupid or is a willing accomplice in organized crime and murder.


1. Dr. Julio Williams defames John Watson. Though a total stranger to Watson, but desperate to show his usefulness to the leader of his satanic cult and obviously acting on Patton West’s instructions, Williams posted a statement on her website in 2005.  The statement, coming on the heels of Watson’s announcement that he was going to sue Patton West for fraud, sought to defame Watson while at the same time portray Patton West as a messianic figure.  Even though all the evidence right under his nose showed that Patton West was a dangerous psychopath who used her occult knowledge to rob, defraud and extort money from the members of her cult.  You can read the full statement by going here.  In the excerpt below, Williams makes the huge mistake of staking his honor and credibility on Patton West’s personal integrity and establishing the truth.

Given what follows, in the following 14 years between 2005 and 2019, it is clear that Dr. Julio Williams MD has NO honor and credibility and that Patton West has no personal integrity and that neither Satanists are interested in establishing the truth.  Indeed, Dr. Julio Williams became aware shortly after making this statement that Patton West’s mantra was that the truth does not matter.  Follow the link to listen to Patton West in her own voice tell the whistleblower John Watson, and I quote, “That the truth does not actually matter if she (Patton West) can convince the public to swallow her lies as their truth.” End quote.



For a detailed analysis of his propaganda efforts on Patton West’s behalf, review this recent posting:-


Who Wants to be Operated on by a Corrupt and Dishonest Surgeon who is a Prominent Member of a Satanist Death Cult?


2. Dr. Julio Williams ignores the crimes being committed right under his nose.  There is no way that Dr. Julio Williams MD, a senior student and member of Patton West’s cult, could not have known that Patton West was robbing, defrauding and extorting money from members of her cult and stealing cash donations to her charity.  After Lisa Swidler, a senior student and confident to Patton West, realized that the two week bridging loan of $30,000 she had negotiated in 2005 in good faith with student Dave Kushner was never going to be repaid, she was put in a very difficult position.  Then, after student Marion Cantwell was kidnapped, held captive, beaten and had tens of thousands of dollars extorted from her by Patton West in 2005, Lisa decided it was time to leave. 


Shortly after escaping the cult, Lisa Swidler died suddenly and mysteriously of internal bleeding.  There is no way that Dr. Julio Williams could not have known that Patton West had defrauded $30,000 from ex-student Dave Kushner, that Patton West had kidnapped, falsely imprisoned and extorted tens of thousands of dollars from Marion Cantwell.  There is no way that Dr. Julio Williams could not have known that Patton West was responsible for the murder of Lisa Swidler. After all, he was being taught to use that same occult knowledge in exactly the same way that Patton West used it against Lisa Swidler, John Watson and many other victims mentioned in this and other previous bulletins.  Julio Williams, like Watson, would also have been told by Jack West (Patton West’s husband at the time) that those who opposed his wife had a habit of dying suddenly.



Above from left to right: Patton West an occult thief and suspected serial killer.  Lisa Swidler, Marion Cantwell, Dr. Pat Cole MD and John Watson who after researching his lawsuit against Patton West, found scores of victims of organized crime.


Lisa Swidler knew where some of Patton West’s skeletons were hidden, so she was murdered by Patton West in 2005.  Marion Cantwell the victim of kidnapping, false imprisonment, beatings and extortion.  Dr. Pat Cole MD the victim of beatings and extortion to the tune of $1.3 million.  Victim of fraud John Watson, whom Patton West tried to murder in 2007, turned whistleblower in 2006.  When the murder plot failed, Julio Williams provided Patton West with $2,000,000 to use in funding multiple frivolous lawsuits against Watson.  With Williams’ money and Geoffrey Reynolds’ false pleadings to the court, Patton West succeeded in forcing down John Watson’s websites which were the only source of truth about Patton West’s criminal past in NM and MT.  The authorities did not investigate any of these crimes.



For a detailed analysis of his propaganda efforts on Patton West’s behalf review this recent posting:-


Who Wants to be Operated on by a Corrupt and Dishonest Surgeon who is a Prominent Member of a Satanist Death Cult?


3.  Dr. Julio Williams agrees to take part in a massive fraud.  Let us review some of the well-documented lies between 2006 & 2007 when, just as she is doing now, Patton West was peddling the lie that she was a world renowned guru that politicians and world healers came to for her advice.  Since this bulletin is focusing on Dr. Williams’ involvement in peddling those lies or being aware of them and doing nothing let us start by focusing on a lengthy statement he published on her website in 2007 timeframe.  Williams’ statement, like many since, sought to portray Patton West as a ‘do-gooding’ guru when he must have known she was an occult master who preyed on the public for financial gain. 


LIE 1. Below are two images that appeared on Patton West’s website simultaneously.  The image on the right is just a small excerpt from his glowing testimonial can be viewed in its entirety by going here.


On the left, we have an image of a multi-million dollar property belonging to Robert & Tabby Ivy, that Patton West was fraudulently using in her brochures and on her website as part of the illusion (fraud) that she was a wealthy mover and shaker amongst the world’s elite.  Below is what the real owners of the property had to say when interviewed by the Whitefish Pilot newspaper about Patton West’s wrongful use of images of their home.


A third Lakeside property -- the well-known Osprey House on Angel Point, owned by Robert and Tabby Ivy -- is promoted in the Surya Ma Enterprise brochure as the "Surya Devi VIP Retreat Spa." Tabby Ivy refutes that claim. 

"Devra consistently misrepresents her involvement with our house, erroneously saying she has an offer on it, but we have had no formal offer nor accepted any from her," she said. "After I saw our house in her brochure, I walked into her office and said, 'I don't want my house on any of your marketing materials.' For two years, she claimed she was going to buy our home. She wrote a bad check for several million dollars to the Realtor, and that was our experience with her."


Dr. Julio Williams MD would certainly have known that Patton West did not own that property or had any rights to use it in her marketing material, and yet his own statement appeared on an adjoining web page.


LIE 2. On April 17 2006, just days after Patton West viciously assaulted Dr. Pat Cole MD (while extorting $1.3 million from the heiress), Patton West issued a written statement to her entire mailing list admitting the assault.  Dr. Julio Williams MD would certainly have received his copy of ‘The Law of Severity on the Path to Purification’ within which Patton West admitted assaulting Dr. Pat Cole MD. However, Patton West sought to justify the assault by asserting that the victim, Dr. Pat Cole MD was a Nazi in the WWII death camps in another lifetime.  You cannot make this stuff up.  Below are a couple of excerpts from that missive in which Patton West, who comes from a family with a long history of mental illness, asserts that long dead Ascended Master channeled this information to her.



Above:  Part of a statement that Patton West, a criminally insane occultist, claims was a legitimate message channeled from the long dead Ascended Master El Morya.  Like all the other supposed ‘channeled’ messages that Patton West claims she receives, they always justify Patton West’s actions; in this case a vicious violent assault against Cole. 


LIE 3.   Like the aforementioned statement, which sought to justify her brutality towards Dr. Pat Cole MD, another channeled message entitled Financial Form Building was used to justify her constant demand for money from members of her cult.  Below is an excerpt form that missive.



Above: Another message Patton West’s alleges came from the Ascended Masters, the voices in her head that tell her what she wants to hear?  Note the first sentence from this excerpt which states that she should not hesitate to fill her personal coffers, which is exactly what Patton West did at the expense of everyone around her!


In addition to the constant flow of ‘channeled’ messages from the God’s within her head, Patton West sent a never ending stream of emails to the members of her cult complaining that they were not giving up their wealth fast enough.  What follows is an excerpt from an email, entitled ‘Financial Withhold’ that Patton West sent to the members of her cult, in an attempt to bully them into emptying their bank accounts into hers.  One single phrase from this four page missive sums up Patton West’s attitude to the slaves in her cult that phrase is, and I quote, “It will be your privilege to seed my financial transition.”  End quote.



Lies 4, 5 & 6.  While appearing in court as a witness for her porn loving, wife beating son, Chris Haywood, who was trying to get custody of his infant daughter from his estranged wife Jamie Haywood, Patton West told the following lies under oath.  When asked if she had assaulted Dr. Pat Cole, Patton West replied and I quote from the transcript, “No way no how - no!  When asked by counsel if her business was a multi-billion dollar affair Patton West answered yes.  When asked if the website the whistleblower had put up with the headline ‘This Woman is Dangerous to your Health and your Wealth’ referred to her Patton West answered yes.  She then went on to say that the employees and students mentioned were ‘fictitious and fabricated.’  Dr. Julio Williams would certainly have known that the many people featured in the photo at the top of the page and below here are real after all he is standing among them.



Above: the class of 2002 many of them victims of theft, fraud, extortion and mental and physical abuse.  While being questioned in court, pathological liar Patton West referred to these people as fictitious and fabricated, even though there is a mountain of evidence to prove otherwise including victim and witness statements, employment records and court records.


The reader can go to the documents and audio statements pages on our website to read and listen to what these so called fictitious and fabricated persons had to say about Patton West, who was at the time this photo was taken, masquerading as the ascended Master ‘Devra Ji’ until her charity was struck off for fraud in 2004, after which she changed her name to the ascended Master ‘Surya Ma.’ This changed again in 2010, to the Ascended Master ‘Rishi Devra’, after several newspaper articles made it impossible for Patton West’s criminal business model to operate in Montana forcing her to move to Arizona.  Even Patton West’s step mother was a victim of a $30,000 fraud, proving that this idiot regards everyone as a potential meal.



For a detailed analysis of his propaganda efforts on Patton West’s behalf review this recent posting:-


Who Wants to be Operated on by a Corrupt and Dishonest Surgeon who is a Prominent Member of a Satanist Death Cult?


4.  Dr. Williams puts his money where his mouth is - all $2,000,000 worth.  In January 2007, and with John Watson’s fraud lawsuit against Patton West looking like it would be successful, Dr. Julio Williams was persuaded by Patton West to intervene on her behalf.  Why would Dr. Julio Williams put up, or even threaten to put up, $2,000,000 of his own fortune in a legal dispute he was not directly involved with?  Occam’s razor asks us to decide if Williams is stupid or a willing participant in the criminal conspiracy against Watson.  We do not think Williams is stupid. 



The above contains two excerpts from a much longer email which can be viewed by going here.



For a detailed analysis of his propaganda efforts on Patton West’s behalf review this recent posting:-


Who Wants to be Operated on by a Corrupt and Dishonest Surgeon who is a Prominent Member of a Satanist Death Cult?


5.  When a fellow physician, Dr. Pat Cole MD, is viciously assaulted by Patton West Dr. Julio Williams ‘pays’ the perpetrator $100,000 and then joins with the perpetrator in denying the crime.  As we have established from an email entitled ‘The Law of Severity on the Path to Purification’ that Patton West sent to her entire mailing list in 2006 – Patton West did assault Dr. Pat Cole MD and admitted it in writing.  As we have also established from her own emails and letters to members of her cult, Patton West was always desperate for money to fund the cost of her luxurious lifestyle.  In March 2007, the whistleblower John Watson started to receive emails from an employee trapped inside the cult this employee, Rebecca West, no relation to Devra West, revealed just how desperately bad, employees were being treated by Patton West right under the authorities noses.  Here are three short excerpts from a harrowing email entitled ‘Help Me’ sent to the whistleblower on March 7 2007.


 ----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Rebecca West <west_rebecca@hotmail.com>
To: John Watson <john.watson01@btinternet.com>
Sent: Wednesday, 7 March, 2007 3:02:50 PM
Subject: RE: Help me w/ Devra Patton West

Dear John,

After more than 30 employees coming and going, (16 just since I started May 1, 2006, not counting myself, current employees or contract labor), there are currently three employees remaining.  Two of the three are very much in her control due to fear and/or ignorance and have proven to me, I cannot trust them. I have been trying to get the monies she owes me before I end my contact with her, specifically a missing paycheck, overtime, overdraft charges and (wishful thinking) the bonus she promised me for the hundreds of hours of overtime I incurred. She sent her intimidating demand of me through her finance controller last evening, and I have until 5 p.m. today to talk to her. I must return and either give a 2-week notice and/or plan to be demoted from office manager to some other lowly position, (seems from historical accounting, I would become her personal care assistant).  



Dr. Cole was severely beaten on several occasions and proof is available.  I am aware that the only person still financially supporting Devra (the finance controller is out of money), is Dr. Julio Williams and he gave her $100,000.  Tanmayo's (Coca-Cola heiress) son contacted the finance controller yesterday demanding the monies his mother contributed be returned.  This phone call is the straw that broke the camel's back for the finance controller [Geoffrey Reynolds CPA] who has finally realized that he can no longer ignore the very bad situation he has gotten himself into by loaning Devra $300,000.  


I need support in how to deal with her shamanic witchcraft.  Can you tell me more?


The above email confirms a number of things:-


1.  Firstly, that Patton West has a ‘revolving’ door policy to employees that are recruited from all over the USA for fake non-existent jobs and then on arrival are asked to accept a 20% pay cut and told that the health benefits as advertised were no longer available.  Those that did not submit to the brainwashing and conditioning within the first 90 days of employment were fired, before Patton West had to pay employment insurance.  All of this went on right under the authorities’ noses in contravention of state and federal laws.  The idea that Williams was unaware of this beggars belief, as the whistleblower’s website had been up since 2006 and contained a number of incriminating documents that showed beyond doubt that Patton West, and members of her cult including Williams and Reynolds were part of a criminal conspiracy defrauding hundreds of thousands of dollars from employees and defrauding the IRS out of huge amounts of tax as employees were forced to ‘donate’ part of their wages or cash directly to Patton West, none of which showed up on tax returns.   Both Rebecca West and fellow employee Carlida Finch, made statements to the authorities about the crimes being committed against them and the dangerous working conditions.  However, Patton West was able to put up false witnesses to counter their testimony making it impossible for victims to get justice.  Here is an excerpt from a ‘Statement of Fact’ that Carlida Finch supplied to the authorities as part of her claim for employment insurance.



Above: Patton West claims that as an enlightened being she does not care if she kills Pat Cole MD because as an enlightened being she could as easily live in a 6’ X 6’ jail cell as in a $6,000,000 mansion (that she now lives in).


The statement from Carlida Finch, the emails entitled ‘Help Me,’ and ‘I am in Danger,’ a letter sent by Rebecca West to Patton West and an email from John Mark Young make it very clear how Patton West, who alleges herself to be ‘enlightened’ was treating Dr. Cole MD and other employees.


2.  It is clear that Patton West was using occult knowledge to intimidate the victims and witnesses, of crime at her hands, into remaining silent about what they had witnessed.  However, Williams, who obviously had a seat at Patton West’s top table (by virtue of the large financial donations he was making and because of his usefulness to her as a physician) would not have been subject to such abuse.  That said, there is no way he could not be aware of what she was doing.

3.  That Dr. Julio Williams, though obviously aware of the crimes being committed against the rank and file members of the cult, by a money starved psychopath, chose to donate $100,000 to Patton West though it was obvious she sat at the head of a cult / criminal racketeering gang.  In effect, Williams was funding organized crime.


It was the emails from Rebecca West and other employees, sent to the whistleblower via his website in March 2007 that persuaded the whistleblower to go public and share what he had learned while researching his lawsuit with the police and the newspapers.  In addition to the crimes being committed by Patton West against her employees, she was also committing crimes on an industrial basis against the Flathead community. 



Above from left to right: Whitefish Pilot newspaper article July 12 2007.  Bigfork Eagle newspaper article August 9 2007.  Whitefish Pilot newspaper article 24 April 2008.  Ravalli Republic newspaper article October 2 2008.


The Whitefish Pilot, the Bigfork Eagle and the Ravalli Republic newspaper articles laid bare Devra Patton West’s criminal racketeering business model in Flathead Montana.   For an in depth, blow by blow, analysis of these three newspaper articles go here.  The victim Dr. Cole MD gave a statement to the Whitefish pilot news reporter as follows:-


A temporary restraining order against West, who calls herself Surya Ma, was issued by Judge David Ortley last October after Dr. Patricia Cole, of Whitefish, requested protection.  Cole was the director for one of West's ventures, The Sacred Archives Institute. They worked together for several years. In her statement to the county sheriff's office, Cole claims West abused her verbally and physically.

"She has told me that she has the 'spiritual' power and authority to 'take me out,' to be composted," Cole wrote in the temporary restraining order statement. Cole claims West threw a lamp at her and hit her with a briefcase, cell phone and her hand.  "She took off her shoe and hit me on the top of my head, causing my scalp to bleed onto my face, neck and clothes," Cole's statement reads. "She threatened to kill me with a gun to my head, 'blowing my brains out,' and advised me to commit suicide by slitting my wrists, after I'd taken out an insurance policy on myself."

Photos taken after the alleged beating were submitted to the sheriff's office.


As if by magic Dr. Julio Williams MD, Geoffrey Reynolds CPA and Jack West (Patton West’s husband) and other members of the cult all published statements of denial on Patton West’s website all within 24 hours of the above newspaper article appearing!  These ‘liars for hire’ did so even though all were totally aware (either as witnesses to the assault, from gossip within the cult, the police visits and from Patton West’s own admission of guilt) that she had assaulted Dr. Pat Cole MD.  These statements of denial were mainly aimed at the members of her cult who, being brainwashed and conditioned to obey her every word, would be expected to swallow her denials in spite of all the evidence proving that Devra West was a dangerous psychopath and probably a serial killer.  



Above: ten statements of denial all, as if by magic appearing on West’s website on the same day.  These statements in response to the two newspaper articles printed in the Whitefish Pilot & Bigfork Eagle newspapers in 2007.


You can read these statements in full by following the links below.  These statements may well have been written by Devra West, but attributed to the members of her cult.  They all seem to have one author.  No one would have the nerve to complain lest they too become targets pay particular attention to Dr. Julio Williams’s, Geoffrey Reynolds’s and Jack West’s lies.


1. Geoffrey Reynolds 1       2. Geoffrey Reynolds 2       3. Geoffrey Reynolds 3       4. Reynolds & Williams

5. Julio Williams 1             6. Jack West                          7. Bret Jahola                       8. Dani Osborne

9. Devra West 1                   10. Devra West 2



For a detailed analysis of his propaganda efforts on Patton West’s behalf review this recent posting:-


Who Wants to be Operated on by a Corrupt and Dishonest Surgeon who is a Prominent Member of a Satanist Death Cult?


6.  The plot to murder the whistleblower John Watson.  As a result of the John Watson’s efforts to get the truth out about Patton West’s criminal racketeering business model which included causing an IRS investigation into Patton West’s finances, putting up a website containing thousands of documents that contradicted her claims to divinity, causing two newspaper articles to be published about her and successfully suing her for fraud Patton West and the cult decided to murder Watson.  We cannot say for sure that Dr. Julio Williams was present when Patton West and Geoffrey Reynolds conspired to murder Watson in early 2007, but we assume he must have known about the murder plot.  Dr. Julio Williams was a member of Patton West’s inner circle and had recently, just 3 or 4 months earlier in January 2007, made available $2,000,000 for her ‘legal fees.’  This $2,000,000 added to the $100,000 donation referred to in Rebecca West’s ‘Help Me’ email of March 7 2009, makes the total of funds given / promised by Williams to Patton West $2,100,000 just for that year!  The idea that someone who had committed over two million dollars to organized crime did not know what was going on is frankly preposterous.



Above: Patton West’s secret weapon that has allowed her to commit countless serious crimes over the past 28 years including murder right under the authorities noses.  Low life scum like Geoffrey Reynolds, on the promise of $300,000 agreed to be complicit in Watson’s murder and when that failed Dr. Julio Williams MD put up $2,000,000 to fund multiple lawsuits.


While being interviewed by the Bigfork Eagle newspaper on August 9 2007 Geoffrey Reynolds CPA, speaking on behalf of his ‘employer’ (cult leader), in what he thought was an ‘off the record’ conversation with the reporter made the following statement.  “Watson would be dead within 12 months or in jail for reacting to what Patton West was going to do to him and his family.” 

The reporter took the threat seriously enough to share it with a federal agent investigating Patton West at the time.  Within days of Geoffrey Reynolds making that statement to the Bigfork Eagle reporter, an unsuccessful attempt was made on Watson’s life by Patton West.  This is explained at length in another bulletin which can be reviewed by going here.  In the days and months that followed, and just as Reynolds had predicted, Watson, his wife and children became the subject of a campaign of occult ‘under the radar’ violence that continues to this day some 13 years later.  Reynolds & Williams involvement in the conspiracy to murder then bankrupt Watson, is spelt out blow by blow in this recent bulletin.


How Devra West, working with Cult / Gang Members Williams & Reynolds, work to silence Victims and Witnesses of Serious Crime


If we apply Occam’s razor to what Geoffrey Reynolds told the news reporter, we have to make a decision as to whether Reynolds was speaking as a clairvoyant or was repeating what Patton West told him she was going to do.  Remember Occam’s razor states that if there exists two explanations for an occurrence. The one that requires the least amount of assumptions is usually correct. 


Nobody believes that Geoffrey Reynolds is a clairvoyant.


It is much more likely that, in the same way Jack West bragged to John Watson in 2002 that those who opposed Patton West ended up dying, Patton West shared her plans with Reynolds to murder Watson.  After Patton West had murdered Lisa Swidler in 2005, had, after extorting money from Marion Cantwell threatened that if she went to the police she would be murdered.  According to witness Carlida Finch, Patton West was overheard talking about the murder of Dr. Cole MD in 2006.  The only explanation for Patton West’s control over so many people, including many men, was that they were afraid of her ability to cause pain, suffering and death remotely with plausible deniability.  If Reynolds had stopped there, he might have gotten away with (complicity to commit) murder, however under Patton West’s control, she was going to milk him for every ounce she could which meant getting him to commit more crimes. 



For a detailed analysis of his propaganda efforts on Patton West’s behalf review this recent posting:-


Who Wants to be Operated on by a Corrupt and Dishonest Surgeon who is a Prominent Member of a Satanist Death Cult?


7. Patton West uses Dr. Julio Williams’s $2,000,000 to remove the truth about her criminal past from the internet. Dr. Julio Williams’ contribution to Patton West’s criminal conspiracy was to fund multiple frivolous lawsuits against the whistleblower John Watson with three objectives in mind.


1. To neutralize the $736,000 that the Montana courts awarded Watson in 2008, after they found Patton West guilty of defrauding Watson.  Remember, Patton West had admitted defrauding Watson in a face to face conversation they had in March of 2003 that Watson recorded with a digital tape recorder.  You can listen to her say this by going here.  West agrees she has defrauded John Watson but does not see herself paying him!


2. Before reincarnating herself in Arizona with another fake life story / bio and with yet more false claims to be a divine being, Patton West needs to remove all trace of her past from the internet which means forcing down Watson’s websites to do this she needed to obtain an injunction. 


3. Having been unable to murder Watson, she wanted to make sure that he would not present a threat going forward and to do that she needed to bankrupt him. 


Using the $2,000,000 that Dr. Williams had put up and ‘liar for hire’ Geoffrey Reynolds to front the conspiracy in an attempt to make it less like it was a conspiracy Patton West made her move in 2010, when Watson turned up for a court hearing in Montana which was being held to see how much the court was going to award him for winning his fraud lawsuit against West.  Upon entering the court, Watson was served by Patton West and Reynolds legal representatives in respect of two defamation lawsuits. 




Above: Having failed to murder Watson, Patton West and Geoffrey Reynolds put Plan ‘B’ into effect which is to outspend Watson in court by issuing a pair of multi-million dollar lawsuits against Watson that they assumed he could not afford to defend because he lived abroad.  Senior cult member Julio Williams provided Patton West with $2,000,000 for her legal fees.


The truth is an absolute defense against defamation, but only if you can afford to travel backwards and forwards to court from abroad and pay legal fees over a five year period.  Patton West and her stooge Reynolds gambled correctly that after 5 years of fighting a fraud lawsuit against Patton West and winning Watson did not have the funds or the stomach for another 5 year lawsuit.


This is what criminal do if they cannot intimidate or murder you they outspend you in court and ‘buy’ the law they want.  This is spelt out here in these documents.  1, 2, 3 & 4


That this was a criminal conspiracy funded by Dr. Julio Williams MD and executed by Patton West and her stooge Reynolds is not in doubt.  We have Patton West admitting that she defrauded Watson but does not see herself paying him the money she owes him.  We have Patton West admitting that her agreements are worthless and admitting that she disposes of people like KleenexWe have Patton West telling Watson that if he sues her for fraud, which he did successfully, Patton West would get so down f*cking down and dirty, huge expenses coming out of his pocket not hers.  Expenses not coming from her pocket because Dr.  Julio Williams would pay for her legal fees which is exactly what he did when he funded the conspiracy against Watson to the tune of $2,000,000.  Geoffrey Reynolds, after being complicit in the plot to murder Watson in 2007, doubled down on his treachery when in 2010 he falsely stated in his pleadings to the court (as part of the conspiracy to bankrupt Watson) that he was defamed by Watson between 2002 and 2006.  


This could not possibly be true because Reynolds did not know Watson or Patton West existed until September 2006, when he moved from California to take up his employment with Patton West and her cult. In fact, Reynolds resume as posted on his own personal website show him to be a liar.  This is perjury, but as those lies resulted in a $5,000,000 payout for Reynolds, it is extortion.



For a detailed analysis of his propaganda efforts on Patton West’s behalf review this recent posting:-


Who Wants to be Operated on by a Corrupt and Dishonest Surgeon who is a Prominent Member of a Satanist Death Cult?


8.  When a new website was put up containing thousands of documents which totally refuted Patton West’s fake life story / bio (as shown on her current website) Dr. Julio Williams MD, again acting on Patton West’s instructions, put up a website of his own in January 2018 to counter the truth.   You can review an in depth analysis of Patton West’s fake life story bio by following this link:-


Rishi Devra: Bio-Wars (Biography Wars) Her Totally Fake ‘Life History’ Part of a Massive Fraud.


Neither Julio Williams nor Patton West are saying that the information on this new website is false, only that Patton West has an injunction that forbids Watson from sharing the truth with the public!  That injunction does not stop anyone else sharing the truth or pointing out that Patton West’s website, which is full of lies and propaganda, is part of a massive fraud.



If one goes to Patton West’s website by following this link, you’ll see a tab entitled ‘LEGAL UPDATE.’ This, like the rest of the content on Patton West’s website, is a total pack of lies. However, this particular pack of lies is published by Dr. Julio Williams MD (see below here) who signs off as a ‘Board Director of the Omni Institute of Divine Sciences.



Above left: As a director of quasi-religious organization that is a front for organized crime and murder, and someone we have shown to be a pathological liar, should Dr. Julio Williams be holding the lives of patients in his hands?


For a full analysis of Williams’s propaganda statement, which seeks to falsely portray the court victory that Patton West ‘bought’ with the millions of dollars Williams donated to her, go here.  The important point to make is that Patton West’s criminal racketeering business model only works if the public buy her lies about her being a ‘divine being.’  When those lies stopped being believed in Montana, she was forced out of that state into Arizona.  With millions of dollars a year at stake, this is more than enough of a motive for:-


1. Motive for Patton West to plot to murder Watson (a plot Reynolds blurted out to the press).

2. Motive for Williams to put up $2,000,000 to shut down the truth by funding West and Reynolds to issue multiple lawsuits against Watson and buy the injunction they needed to force down his websites.

3. Motive enough for Reynolds to make totally false statements to a Montana court as his part in Patton West’s $10,000,000 extortion scam against Watson designed to bankrupt him and shut him down for good.


Patton West’s criminal business model relies on the public swallowing her lies and propaganda about being a divine being. If the truth were to be known, as it was in Montana, Patton West’s criminal racketeering business model would be dead in the water.  However, after using Dr. Julio Williams’ money to ‘buy’ an injunction and Reynolds’ lies to obtain a default undefended judgment, all opposition to Patton West’s lies were removed.  So, upon arriving in Arizona, Patton West made the following announcements about herself:-


The Regent of the Spiritual Hierarchy for the Western Hemisphere.




With no filter or any concerns that her idiot statements would be challenged, Patton West declared herself in a Facebook posting to be the Regent of the Masters and senior to Jesus Christ.



Above from left to right: The Ascended Masters Devra Ji & Surya Ma - two of the fake identities she used in Montana.  The real Devra Patton West, the subject of two arrest warrants in Montana.  Right: Three images of the Ascended Master Rishi Devra.  A con artist, violent convicted criminal and suspected serial killer living out her delusions as a God all funded by 27 years of crime.


Below is a copy of a recent statement she made on her Facebook pages and a couple of statements from her Montana website.  Dr. Julio Williams knows that this is all bullshit, but being a Satanist, lies are his stock in trade.



Above clockwise from the left:  (1) A posting on Patton West’s Facebook page announcing that she is a planetary regent that has been preparing for thousands of years to guide humanity.  (2) She told her students that the Christ had awarded her two doctorates in person.  (3) She announced in 2007 that she was holding open the gates of time – single handedly!


The above header depicting Patton West with her hand out, is from a propaganda piece she posted on her Facebook pages in June of 2018.  Below that on the left, is a small image of that posting which you can review full size by going here.  I have numbered five idiotic statements that Patton West made in her propaganda piece which are as follows:-


1. As the light that stands behind leaders and world servers from across the globe.

2. She has been prepared for thousands of years to guide humanity through the coming times….

3. As a planetary regent.

4. A conveyor of holiness and spiritual initiation.

5. As an instrument of mercy she offers the phenomena of ‘divine grace healing’ and the ‘karmic resolution’ of divine dispensation.


If Patton West is the Regent of Anything she is the Regent of the Master Liars



For a detailed analysis of his propaganda efforts on Patton West’s behalf review this recent posting:-


Who Wants to be Operated on by a Corrupt and Dishonest Surgeon who is a Prominent Member of a Satanist Death Cult?


9. Dr. Julio Williams continues to demonstrate that he is either mentally ill or a willing participant in racketeering and murder.  He does so by continuing to ‘market’ Patton West to the public as a do-gooding guru, when he knows all too well that she is a dangerous psychopath and a card carrying Satanist.  Dr. Julio Williams is obviously aware of Patton West’s brushes with the law in Montana, ten of which are listed below here:-




Above: the occult thief suspected serial killer Devra Patton West, smirking as she might well do having sat at the head of a criminal racketeering gang for 27 years that has operated in three western states.  Dr. Julio Williams MD is well aware of her rap sheet but below, just a small reminder of what he appears to have forgotten or chooses to ignore!

  1. Arrest Warrant for Criminal Check Fraud.
  2. Conviction for Assaulting Dr. Cole MD & News Article announcing same.
  3. Becoming the subject of a Sheriff’s Sale to force her to pay her creditors $2,000,000 in court judgments and interest.
  4. Whistleblower’s judgment against Devra West for fraud.
  5. Defendant in fraud case brought by Larry Brazda and others.
  6. Defendant in fraud case brought by ‘Top to Bottom’ Construction.
  7. Vicious Assaults on female members of her cult i.e. Susannah Felder & Beatrice McGuire, Jamie Haywood and Dr. Pat Cole MD.
  8. The Students who took out loans for Devra west after being told, “They would be closer to God.”
  9. West’s son’s criminal record.  Like mother like son?
  10. Arrest Warrant for felony theft.

And yet, he continues to ‘market’ Patton West to the public as a messianic figure capable of delivering miracles and dispensing karma at a price. 


Below are some recent statement from Dr. Julio Williams’ Facebook pages and from Patton West’s website. 


Text Box:

Above: “Thy humble salutations to thy lotus feet.” Williams is aware of her true criminal nature how could he not be?  However being a Satanist cult, the more harm, upset and grief that he and Patton West can cause to others the more they are happy.


And here….

Text Box:

Above: Om Shri Rishi Ma Addi Ma Mataji.  Dr. Julio Williams is obviously aware of Patton West’s true biography / life journey having been a key part of her criminality since the year 2000.  Williams is clearly being used by West to suck in spiritual seekers.


And here…


Text Box: 

Above: Mimicking the same propaganda as appears in Patton West’s fake bio / Life story, Williams uses such phrases as “Touched by her grace” and “Our Rishi mother whose wisdom, grace and spiritual mastery etc.”  Is Williams mentally ill or a willing accomplice in a massive deception, a monumental fraud and a senior member of a cult / criminal gang?

In 2014, Dr. Julio Williams MD posted a public appeal on Patton West’s website for funds for the ‘Divine Feminine’ knowing that Patton West had planned to murder fellow physician Dr. Pat Cole MD if she did not pay $1.3 million to Patton West.  He also knew of the vicious assaults by Patton West on Susannah Felder and Beatrice McGuire


The following photos taken from Patton West’s website.  Dr. Julio Williams MD appears to be a totally brainwashed individual that Patton West has used shamelessly to promote herself since he joined her cult / criminal gang in the year 2000. 



Above: Dr. Julio Williams seen on bended knee before the leader of his Satanist cult.  Is Williams’ membership of a Satanist cult / criminal gang compatible with a doctor’s oath to ‘do no harm?’  A Satanist by definition is all about harming others.


And Patton West, shamelessly uses Dr. Williams’ his perceived respectability as a physician and thoracic surgeon, as demonstrated on a recent posting she made on her Facebook page, where she invited attendees to ‘Sacred Sundays with Rishi’ pointing out that these would be held at the home of Dr. Julio Williams MD.


Above: What could possibly be better for a con artist selling ‘divine grace healings’ for $500,000 a go than to have a tame physician / thoracic surgeon on hand to verify that she is a divine being and therefore capable of delivering a miracles?!  Although Dr. Williams knows that all she will deliver is more organized crime, as was the case in Montana and New Mexico before that.



For a detailed analysis of his propaganda efforts on Patton West’s behalf review this recent posting:-


Who Wants to be Operated on by a Corrupt and Dishonest Surgeon who is a Prominent Member of a Satanist Death Cult?


10.  Dr. Julio Williams is well aware of the ongoing campaign of violent intimidation against Watson and his family.  The campaign of intimidation against Watson and his family (that Geoffrey Reynolds announced to the press along with Watson’s impending murder in 2007) continues to this day some 12 to 13 years later.  Watson has been ‘logging’ these incidents and sending Dr. Julio Williams two or three emails a week about this matter for the past 3 to 4 years to this email address [mailto:jcwilliams@prodigy.net].  And yet, after being sent 400 plus emails that detail the ongoing crimes being committed against Watson and his family by Patton West, Williams has failed to turn a single email over to the police or the FBI.  He cannot do so because if he did, it would show that he was a willing accomplice.  As a 20 year student of Patton West’s unaccredited school for occult studies, Williams knows that Patton West is using her occult knowledge to rake in millions of dollars a year posing as a guru who can deliver miracle cures for a fee.  Dr. Julio Williams’ role, as performed in Montana, is to use his perceived respectability as a physician / thoracic surgeon to promote Patton West as a ‘divine’ when he knows all too well that she is a cold blooded killer with little regard for others as her true past demonstrates.



It is estimated that Patton West has thieved, defrauded and extorted some $30 to $50 Million since declaring herself an Ascended Master in 1991.  Go here to review the plight of 30 victims of her so called ‘World Service.’ In spite of clear evidence that Patton West is criminally insane, Williams still ‘markets’ her to the public as the messiah.  After reviewing the ten pieces of evidence that shows a clear pattern of criminal behavior on the part of Dr. Julio Williams MD and, using Occam’s razor, do you think that Dr. Julio Williams is:-


1. Just plain stupid?


2. Or is it more likely that he is exactly what he looks like a willing accomplice in organized crime and murder?


If like me, you think number (2.) is the obvious answer, then this poses another question to Dr. Williams’ employers which is this.  Who Wants to be Operated on by a Corrupt and Dishonest Surgeon who is a 20 Year Prominent Member of a Satanist Death Cult?


Patton West’s current con, totally impossible without Dr. Julio Williams’s help, works like this…..


Step 1.  Those identified as wealthy targets are invited to attend a ‘Private’ Sessions or a ‘Private’ Intensive’ as advertised on Devra Patton West’s website (see below here).  In the past, these have been held at Dr. Williams’ personal residence rented by him for that purpose.



Step 2.  Those targeted are duped / manipulated / pressured into believing one of the following two scenarios.


1. That they are suffering from a totally non-existent brain tumor or a cancer which Devra West guarantees she can cure for a large fee. 


2. That Devra West and the targeted individual were sisters in a former lifetime during which the target is persuaded that she betrayed Devra West in that lifetime and must now, in this lifetime, make financial reparations (for the nonexistent wrongs the target committed).


Devra West has been perpetrating this extortion racket for at least two decades; two of her admin staff who worked for in 2002 overheard her say, after receiving a phone call, that she had just made $500,000.  Apparently, this was the fee paid by one victim who thought they had been cured of a condition that Devra West had in fact given them!  Listen to two of her admin staff, Diane Stoner and Kathleen Francisco talking about one this.



Above: With her brainwashed and conditioned stooge Dr. Julio Williams on hand to verify that she is capable of delivering ‘divine grace healings’ (if the price is right) Devra Patton West is laughing all the way to the bank.  The big question is this. Is Dr. Julio Williams MD throwing his career and life away because he is a brainwashed droid or a willing accomplice?

Devra West is an Occult Master who can, using Shamanic Visioning, induce illness, injury and even death in those she targets with little chance of the crimes being connected back to her.  See above in this bulletin regarding the violent occult attacks directed at John Watson and his family and many others.  In the above scam, she ‘induces’ the symptoms in those who do not believe or do not pay and then miraculously cures them after they go to her ‘Pay Portal’ and make a large six figure ‘donation.’  With Dr. Julio Williams MD present at these ‘private sessions’ and ‘private interviews’ Devra Patton West has her own tame and totally brainwashed and conditioned physician and thoracic surgeon, who has proved many times that he will do just as he is told, however immoral or illegal.


Step 3. The victims go to the Sage of Sedona’s ‘Pay Portal’ which is set up to receive single donations of up to $500,000 or more by pressing a single button or a combination of buttons.  In this way, the target receives an imaginary cure and in return The Regent of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Western Hemisphere gets to empty the targets bank account into hers.  Note Devra West standing there with her hands out saying “give me, give me.”



This has been going on for 27 years, right under the noses of the FBI and the IRS.  It is illegal for a lay person to assert that they are able to cure someone of a health condition.  Apparently not so for Devra West, and Dr. Julio Williams does not mind risking his career!  At $500,000 a go, it is no wonder she can afford the trappings, clothing, lifestyle and a home of a multi-millionaire, even though she claims to be penniless and the funds she extorts from victims are nowhere to be seen, let alone declared to the IRS as income in her tax returns. 




Below is an image pulled from a video posted the ufoswlgYouTube channel entitled ‘9 Ways to Spot a Fake Guru or Spiritual Teacher.’




Rishi Devra – Like James Bond, Devra Patton West has a ‘license’ to kill. Unlike with the fictional character of James Bond, the victims of Devra Patton West Murders are real.

Rishi Devra - Cult / Gang Members Williams & Reynolds Crucial to Patton West’s Criminal Racketeering Business Model.

Who Wants to be Operated on by a Corrupt and Dishonest Surgeon who is a Prominent Member of a Satanist Death Cult?

Why do McSwain & Co. continue to employ Geoffrey Reynolds CPA when there is clear evidence of his involvement with organized crime and racketeering between 2006 & 2014?

Idiot Con Artist Rishi Devra AKA Devra Patton West Says She has been Prepared for Thousands of Years to Guide Humanity Through the Coming Times…