Co-Conspirator and Ex-husband, Jack West.


Jack West is not a doctor contrary to what it says on 'ZoomInfo' (see below) unless you count the fake doctorate his wife has given him from her non-accredited school for occult studies. That said Jack West deserves a doctorate in lies, deceit and propaganda if such award exists.


Jack West, Rishi Devra, Devra West,

There is not much to say about Jack West that Jeremy Samuelson has not already said.  “A timid man with little experience of woman who was ‘overwhelmed’ by Devra West who was soon running him.”

Jack West, Rishi Devra, Devra West

Back in 2002, when the whistleblower was acting as Devra West’s business manager, she asked the whistleblower to ‘fire’ (dismiss) Jack West from his employment with her. The whistleblower politely declined to do so as they were married at the time and he was not going to get involved with that can of worms.  Months later, Devra West stated that Jack West would be hanging on to her skirts for decades to come which turned out to be the case.

Jack West’s function was to embed himself amongst the cult and report on any disaffection amongst the ranks and like his then wife he was and is a compulsive liar.  Here is how former board member of the charity, ‘The Circle of Divine Unity’ described ‘liar for hire’ Jack West.

“In late July 2001, while I was on a business trip to Denver, Susanna Felder, a committed assistant for over 9 years and editor of Devra’s writing, called me.  She called me in severe distress as she had gotten into a heated discussion with Devra on whether or not I should be put on the BOD – there was no Foundation BOD at that time.  Devra became so incensed that she attacked her and ripped clumps of hair out of Susanna’s head. This was severe abuse and ultimately led to Susanna leaving DU within the month.  I returned to the office several days later and the first thing I did was to address this abuse in a staff meeting with Susanna in attendance. 

Jack West, who was present at the event, categorically denied it happened while Anandra accused Susanna of causing the problem.  This collaborative deception was so shocking that I resigned, effective immediately.  The cover-up was endemic and serious abuse issues were lied about and swept under the rug.  The lack of integrity by Devra, her impropriety around money and her physical and verbal abuse of individuals were the reasons for my leaving.”

You can read the full statement from A.J. White by going here.

After the two news articles were published in July 2007 and August 2007 respectively by the Whitefish Pilot and Bigfork Eagle like other senior members of the cult (Geoffrey Reynolds & Julio Williams) Jack West published his own totally dishonest and full of lies statement of denial from West’s website; here it is.

Jack West, Rishi Devra, Devra West, Devra patton West, OmniAwakening


Jack West is a compulsive liar just like his ex-wife Devra West and he has been a willing accomplice to her criminal activities for some thirty or more years if his ex-friend, Jeremy Samuelson is to be believed. To demonstrate just how much of a compulsive liar Jack West is, we need only compare the statement he made above in 2007, shortly after the Whitefish Pilot news article was published. Lets analyze some of his statements point by point with the FACTS.

1. He starts off with the statement, "To all who value the truth." Jack West, as we are about to see, would not recognise the truth if it hit him between the eyes.

2. "She remains as utterly free of wrongdoing and as ethicaly virtuous as any person can be." If you the reader have got this far you will know that Devra West is a compulsive liar, has allegedly committed acts of theft, fraud, extortion, violent assault, attempted murder and quite possibly murder.

3. In his statement above, Jack West does was all compulsive liars attempt to do which is to assert that the victim is guilty of the crimes committed by the perpetrator! Devra Patton West is the one who believes she is an Ascended Master, Devra West stated to the Whitefish Pilot newspaper that she was descended from General Patton, Devra West asserts that she can single handedly hold open the gates of time, Devra West is the one that has appeared as the defendant on multiple occasions in fraud related lawsuits, Devra West has an arrest warrant for criminal check fraud, Devra West has an arrest warrant for felony theft and Devra West was convicted of assaulting her business partner, Dr. Pat Cole MD (while extorting $1.3 million from her).

Yet 'liar for hire' Jack West, in spite of all the evidence, asserts that the whistleblower is the one into "self aggrandizement" and 'liar for hire' Jack West asserts that the whistleblower is a "money mongering cad and an egomaniac."

4. I'll leave you the reader to decide whether Devra West, and I quote Jack West, "worked 7 days a week solely to uplift and improve the lives of others." All the evidence points to the fact that she made every life she ever touched a misery; please review the lists of victims at the bottom of this page and go to the 'Documents Library' and 'Audio Library' to read and listen to the statements of Devra West's ex-employees and students from her reign of terror as 'Devra Ji' and 'Surya Ma' who will tell a different story.

5. If Devra West had any money of her own it was derived from crime and once acquired by her it was salted away into precious gems or precious metals or into offshore bank acclounts and was never put back into her 'business model.' This can be easily proven by reading A. J. White's statement wherein it speaks about Devra West stealing $80,000 from the charity to fund her son's legal fees and then read the Whitefish Pilot and Bigfork Eagle newspaper articles wherein it is made clear that Devra West has a lien against her for unpaid employment insurance and that the whole point of the vicious beatings she gave Dr. Pat Cole MD was to extort her entire net worth estimated at $1.3 million that Geoffrey Reynolds then money laundered through her business.

The final clincher, that Devra West never earned any money, apart from what she defrauded from members of her cult and the charity she ran was her own statement made under oath in 2009, which can be read by going here. In that statement, Devra West, between the Ascended Master titles 'Surya Ma' and 'Rishi Devra,' admitted she was $2,000,000 in debt and had no money of her own!

6. This claim, that Devra West pocketed donations destined for the charity 'The Circle of Divine Unity' was made by A. J. White and related to an incident well before the whistleblower was recruited as a consultant in 2002. It became clear from the investigation by the Montana government, that Devra West was defrauding her charity. This is why it was struck off the register in November 2003. Follow this link to review the 'Revocation Certificate' issued by the Montana government. After the charity was struck off, Devra West stole the charity's main asset, a property on 20 acres at Fred Burr Road, Victor MT and put it in a persoanl trust for her and her son, Rob Meador. This later became the subject of a Sheriff's Sale in 2008, to force Devra West to pay her creditors $2,000,000 in court judgmnents and interest.

Additonally, and at the same time, Devra West stole $4,000,000 in artwork and valuables (as valued in 2002) belonging to the charity and hid them in a storage unit, only to have them reappear in 2014 at auction in Carefree AZ and for sale from her website. Like the property, the artwork and valuables were paid for mainly by public donation. Go to the Devra Ji page of this website for more details. While being deposed by the whistleblower's lawyer in 2002 and while giving her statement under oath, Devra West stated that the items she later sold from her website at auction did not exist! You can view items matching those on a list that the whistleblower and Devra West's bookkeeper, Cheryl O'Brien listed as assets belong to the charity by following this link to the 'art gallery' Devra West's current website or you can view this pdf showing many of the valuables.

7. As established here and elsewhere, Devra West never had an income from other sources other than the charity and the students and employees that she bled dry. As explained in the 'Devra Ji' tab on this website, Devra West took every penny she could from the charity, all the while leaving behind bogus invoices. She did this knowing that at some point, the charity would be bankrupted / run into the ground financially, at which point she would then 'clean up' by claiming the charity's remaining assets (paid for by public donation) as payment for the bogus invoices. Which is exactly what happened. Later in 2007, while extorting $1.3 million from Dr. Cole MD, Devra West tried to force her bookkeeper to 'manufacture' false invoices to make it look like the money stolen from Dr. Cole MD was received as part of normal business revenue - the bookkeeper resigned rather than falsify the records. Along comes 'bottom feeder' Geoff Reynolds, who has no qualms about money laundering, murder or criminal conspiracy.

8. The whistleblower never had a greed driven scam; this is just another attempt by 'liar for hire' Jack West to attribute the crimes of Devra West to the victim. The whistleblower was defrauded out of wages and shares a fact that is clear and Devra West admits if you go listen to the full length audio recording of the interview between him and Devra West in March 2003.

9. Devra West is not a doctor; unless you count the doctorates she says the 'Christ' awarded her in person. Once again, Jack West lays the crimes of Devra West at the whistleblower's feet. This email from one of West' students / employees Anandra George makes it clear that she and other employees were threatened with the sack unless they each produced a false statement about the whistleblower that Devra West could use in court against him in the fraud lawsuit he brought against her.

Rishi Devra, Devra WEst,

Similarly this statement from West's personal secretary of 6 years, Barbara Costantino, makes it clear that after each victim leaves, Devra West lies about the circumstances of their departure in an attempt to rewrite history. This statement from student, Deborah Coffey explains how West uses students / cult members to gang up on the victims selected as targets for extortion, or mental and physical abuse.

There were no 'profane' emails, as if there had of been, Jack West would have produced them. The only profane email was sent by fellow senior cult member, Julio Williams to the whistleblower (see above). Again, Jack West knowing full well that Devra West is an occult master who uses the threat of death and attempted murder as a weapon, seeks to assert that the victim, the whistleblower, is guilty of those crimes. The whistleblower has no criminal or civil record of trouble with the courts, save his involvement with Devra West. Whereas as Devra West has a history of fraud, theft, extortion, two arrest warrants, a conviction for assault, threats of murder, attempted murder (according to the whistleblower and senior cult member Geoffrey Reynolds) and at least one sudden and mysterious death of young mother Lisa Swiddler. Lisa having witnessed student Dave Kushner defrauded of $30,000 in 2005 and the kidnapping, false imprisonement and beating of student Marion Cantwell, who was released by Devra West after agreeing to give up part of the sales proceeds of her home. Marion was told afterwards, that if she went to the police, she would be murdered. Lisa witnessed all of this and tried to break away from the cult; a few short weeks later she was dead.

If one reads the statement ex-employee Carlida Finch gave to the authorities; surprise, surprise, Carlida states that she overheard Devra West talking about the murder of Dr. Pat Cole MD

Devra West, Rishi Devra,, Devra Patton West, Carefree Arizona

However as it turned out, Dr. Cole MD only needed a few severe beatings before she gave up her entire net worth to West estimated at $1.3 million.

10. Anyone taking the time to read this information will see how very plausible it is. Anyone reading this information would see why Devra West, and Geoffrey Reynolds, would a) plot to murder the whsitleblower to keep this information secret and b) when the murder plot failed, launch a criminal conspiracy to bankrupt him to keep it quiet.

11. 'Liar for hire' Jack West states that the whistleblower's accusations of a cult are so far fetched, he does not know where to begin. There are three answers to this. First, go read and listen to the employee statements in the 'Documents Library' and 'Audio Library.' Second, look at the list of victims at the bottom of this page from Devra West's reign of terror as Devra Ji and Surya Ma. Forget the 'liars for hire's' words, anyone can discern the true nature of Devra West's business model by studying her actions. Here is an illustration of her business model, which in reality IS A CULT disguised as a religious organization.

Rishi Devra, Devra West,

Third, what kind of business exists where the CEO / President is arrested for assault, charged with assault and when the crime is made public in the local newspapers, each and every employee... all on the same day, all issue statements of denial that all look like they were dictated by the same person. Here are links to statements penned by cult members Geoffrey Reynolds 1, 2, 3 & 4. Julio Williams MD 1 & 2. Dani Osborne and Bret Jahola and Jack West's statement is above here. Only members of a cult behave in this way, and if you still doubt that Devra West was running a cult, then read the harrowing statements sent to the whistleblower by Rebecca West (no relation to Devra West) who was trapped inside the cult, at the very time Jack West was penning this dishonest, disgraceful pack of lies.

12. Nothing is more remarkable than 'liar for hire' Jack West's attempt at making the public believe that his lies are the truth! Or as the Occult Thief Devra West put it "The truth does not matter" if you can convince the public that your lies are the truth!

Devra West never pled guilty, because she did not turn up to court to face the charges. Instead, she was found guilty by default. Here is a link to the court documents evidencing her conviction for assault. Below here is also the newspaper article announcing her conviction in April 2008.

Rishi Devra, OmniAwakening, Devra WEst, Devra Patton Wesr  \]=-09

Since Devra West was convicted of assault, then how can 'liar for hire' Jack West assert that her conviction was part of a 'scam' dismissed by the authorities? Oh, the cult wrote to the newspaper pointing out that Ms. West had never pled guilty, therefore she could not be found guilty to which the editor of the Whitefish Pilot replied thus.

Rishi Devra, Devra West,

14. Contrary to what 'liar for hire' Jack West alleges, clearly 'officials' did not dismiss the case!

15. 'Liar for hire' Jack West alleges that the whistleblower's campaign to get the truth heard above Devra West and her cult's lies, deceit and propaganda was, and I quote, "a venomous promotion of hatred, predjudice and persecution." I'll let the reader decide whether Dr. West-Surya Ma has any "light or goodness" that can be touched when it is obvious that she is a dangerous psychopath who uses her occult knowledge against ordinary folk for personal gain and uses low-life bottom feeders like Jack West etc. to cover up and lie about her crimes.

16. 'Liar for hire' Jack West once again, seeks to turn the whistleblower (a victim of fraud, character assasination, defamation and by then attempted murder) and Dr. Pat Cole MD (the victim of a campaign of violent assaults by Devra West - part of a campaign to extort $1.3 million from Dr. Cole which West succeeded in doing) as the perpetrators of some sick deception!

17. Devra West is not a 'Service to Others' entity as anyone can see from her 'deeds' towards others. Devra West is an Occult Thief who uses her occult knowledge to commit serious crimes from theft all the way up to murder. She, Jack West, Julio Williams and Geoffrey Reynolds all know too well that the weapon she uses against her victims is not regarded by legal statute as a weapon so she cannot be prosecuted for using it; not prosecuted for using it to commit crimes from theft all the way up to murder. This is why Reynolds gleefully blurted out to Constance See, the Bigfork Eagle reporter taking his statement on August 9 2007, that the whistleblower would be dead within 12 months or in jail for reacting to what she was going to do to him and his family.

Immediately below here is Jack West's social media 'Meetup' posting for his his ex-wife, after she reincarnated herself as the Ascended Master Rishi Devra in Carefree Arizona in 2014.

Rishi Devra, Devra West,, Jack West,  Carefree Arizona

Below here are a list of crimes that Devra West committed between 1995 to 2005 (the tip of the iceberg) when she was calling herself the Ascended Master 'Devra Ji.' Many of the victims' statements can be found in the 'Documents' and 'Audio' libraries.

Rishi Devra,, Devra West,Carefree Arizona

Below here is a 'grid' showing a list of victims, that we know about, of Devra West's reign of terror between 2006 and 2011 when she was calling herself the Ascended Master 'Surya Ma.' To review the individual documents please go to the list below the grid.

Rishi Devra, Devra West,,


  1. Arrest Warrant for Criminal Check Fraud.
  2. Convictionfor Assaulting Dr. Cole MD & News Article announcing same.
  3. Becoming the subject of a Sheriff’s Sale to force her to pay her creditors $2,000,000 in court judgments and interest.
  4. Whistleblower’s judgmentagainst Devra west for fraud.
  5. Defendant in fraud case brought by Larry Brazda and others.
  6. Defendant in fraud case brought by ‘Top to Bottom’ Construction.
  7. Vicious Assaults on female members of her cult i.e. Susannah Felder & Beatrice McGuire, Jamie Haywood and Dr. Pat Cole MD.
  8. The Students who took out loans for Devra west after being told, “They would be closer to God.”
  9. West’s son’s criminal record.  Like mother like son?
  10. Arrest Warrant for felony theft.


After being 'obliged' to leave New Mexico in the mid nineties (leaving behind a list of victims there), Victor MT in 2004 where she was known as Devra Ji and Lakeside MT in 20011 where she was known as Surya Ma Devra West is now offering what she refers to as her 'Divine Embrace' to whole new constituency of victims in the Carefree AZ area - Geoffrey Reynolds's old home town!

Rishi Devra,, Devra West, Devra Patton West, Carefree Arizona

Devra West and Geoffrey Reynolds believed that after their 2007 murder plot failed to silence the whistleblower, their 2010 criminal conspiracy to bankrupt him would do the trick of keeping Devra West's past hidden from view.

Jack West was present during all of West's incarnations in NM, as Devra Ji and as Surya Ma. Julio Williams was present during her reign as Devra Ji and Surya Ma. And last but by no means least due to his involvement in a plot to murder the whistleblower, criminal consoiracy and money laundering Geoffrey Reynolds was present during her reign as Surya Ma.

All are aware of the many crimes committed by Devra West and yet here is what they each have to say about the leader of their cult / criminal conspiracy.

Rishi Devra, Devra West,, Geoff Reynolds, Dr. Julio Williams MD, Jack West, Carefree Arizona