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Above: Devra Patton West a narcissist and dangerous psychopath.  Patton West believes that her ability to use occult (hidden) knowledge over the past 28 plus years to commit countless acts of theft, fraud, extortion and violent assaults without being called to account makes her a God.  If her ex-husband is to be believed she has committed several murders.


Apart from a few postings from her current website (which was put up in early January 2020) most of the following images / statements come from her previous website in Arizona (2011 to 2019) and those made by Patton West on websites in Montana (1995 to 2010).  Additional material comes from witness statements made by the students to her unaccredited school for occult studies and from employees.  Other web pages on this site dealing with her lies, the crimes, the fake bio, the miracle cures and fake career opportunities makes it obvious that Patton West is a criminal and that her obvious intention is, at the very least, to defraud as many people as possible.  However some of her statements and pronouncements seem to indicate that Patton is criminally insane. 


Below are some of the more ‘whacky’ statements she has made.  You decide for yourself if you believe this woman is criminally insane, or just believes that under the ‘protection’ of religious freedom laws she can say what she wants in the hope that the gullible (and wealthy) will believe her.  And why not? Patton West has made it very clear to the whistleblower in March 2003 that, and I quote, “The truth does not actually matter.” If she can convince the public that her lies are their truth!


Let us start with the downright silly.


1. Fake Doctorates.  Her two fake doctorates were awarded to her by the Christ in person.  Apparently, this is what Patton West told some of her students according to an ex-student who chose not to be named and wrote to the whistleblower in 2007.  The same student wrote about Patton West’s deteriorating mental health.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


In 2003, the whistleblower’s lawyer Jennifer Lint, deposed Patton West and asked her a number of questions including about her education.  When asked to produce copies of her degrees, Patton West stated that they were lost in a flood in New Mexico.  There is zero evidence that Patton West’s education went beyond high school.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: A dangerous psychopath with delusions of grandeur.  As time goes by the narcissist awards herself ever more ridiculous names, titles and accolades.  Her many personas are a total fantasy the reality is one of violence, criminality and ruthlessness.


2. On the subject of insanity.  Patton West’s ex-house keeper Tanya Hurley also wrote to the whistleblower in 2007.  You can read her two statements by going here and here.  Below is an excerpt from that statement.


In closing, it is my opinion that Mrs. West is mentally ill and is a danger to herself and others.  I was very damaged from my involvement with Mrs. West, physically, mentally and spiritually.  I don't want to keep silent and allow it to happen to someone else.

The reference to John Watson’s alleged sexual harassment of female employees was a totally false rumor spread by Patton West and intended to be used against the whistleblower at the fraud trial.  Many of her employees were forced to manufacture totally false statements about Watson, as did student Anandra George who later retracted her false statement in an email she sent to Watson’s lawyer.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: There is no evidence of ‘World Service’ on the part of Patton West over the past 28 plus years but plenty of evidence of racketeering with tens of millions of dollars raised for good ‘causes’ disappearing without a trace.


3. Holding open the gates of time.  The following was part of a lengthy posting on her Montana website circa 2007 entitled ‘Universal Teachings of Wisdom.’  You can review the whole document by going here.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Patton West claims to be holding open the gates of time.  Evidence of insanity if there ever was.



4. The vicious assault upon Beatrice McGuire.  Patton West would hold Sacred Arts Institute (SAI) meetings for those of her students taking her fake degrees to attend three time a year; in 2002 one such meeting was held in Montreal.  During the meeting one of the students, Beatrice McGuire, challenged Patton West about an obvious lie in front of the entire audience.  Patton West responded by viciously assaulting Beatrice and in the process partially detaching part of her ear from her head.  This happened in front of tens of witnesses and Patton West paid for Beatrice McGuire to have plastic surgery to repair the damage.  Another student, Debra Coffey, was present at the time and witnessed the attack below here is an excerpt of what Debra had to say.  You can read her statement in full by going here.


I was present in Montreal in which Ms. West tore a woman’s ear. The woman was kneeling in front of Ms. West and had quietly challenged her authority.  Ms. West reacted physically. She grabbed her hair on both sides of her face and shook her and told her to leave. I learned later that the woman was injured. Evidently the woman’s ear had been grabbed too and then torn. She underwent reconstructive surgery for the injury.


It is understood that Patton West is a dangerous psychopath, but there is real evidence that she is mentally ill too.  In a letter that Patton West wrote to Beatrice McGuire upon returning to Montana, Patton West had already distanced herself from the attack.  Below is an excerpt from Patton West’s letter to Beatrice McGuire.


While I cannot share in many of your perceptions and assumptions, I do share in your pain as a human being and the trauma that has been so difficult for you. While I witnessed and experienced something very different in nature than what you expressed, I wish to take full responsibility for any and all problems that take place in the domain of my retreats and classes.  Despite the difference in viewpoint, all of us in the Divine Unity family support you in your healing process and offer you the financial sum that you have requested with love and compassion.

This is not merely a legal decision to quell a dispute, but rather it is an offering of the heart. May all confusion and trauma be lifted from your spirit. May we all take from this experience lessons of faith and move on as better human beings for having worked through a difficult experience. Our deepest apologies are offered for any and all responsibility that belongs to us and I trust that you will choose the same approach to self responsibility in your own life. All experiences are a mirror of our selves, if we are wise and accept the reflection. May you be blessed in all things, and all undertakings and be well of body, mind, heart and spirit.


Devra West


You can read her letter in full and two others written by other witnesses attesting to Patton West’s violence towards students and employees by going here

In March 2003 John Watson, who had been defrauded by Patton West in August 2002, decided to sue Patton West for fraud a lawsuit he won in 2008.  For details about this please go to the ‘Crimes Page’ on this website.  Immediately after Watson’s announcement, Patton West demanded a private meeting with Watson on his property.  Fearing some kind of stunt Watson hid a digital tape recorder and recorded their exchanges.  During their 46 minute meeting, Patton West made the following two statements:-


1. She admitted defrauding Watson but did not see herself writing out a check for what she owed him.

2. When Watson challenged Patton West about her assault upon Beatrice McGuire Patton West denied the assault and stated that Beatrice McGuire was mentally ill.


You can listen to Patton West actually say these things by following the links above.  In closing on this point, Patton West repeatedly mirrors her crimes on to her victims.  A few years later, when Watson was about to win his lawsuit against Patton West for defrauding him, she repeatedly defamed him via postings on her website.  Below is one accusing Watson of being mentally ill for suing her for fraud.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


Of course everything she says is a pack of lies, not least her statements about health care professionals; as Watson had recently arrived in the USA from the UK and all of his medical records remained there.  Patton West has never let the FACTS get in the way of her lies and propaganda.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Vomit inducing stage managed photos of the narcissist occult thief Devra Patton West.  The ‘Clarion Call’ is to invite potential wealthy victims into the ‘kill zone’ which she advertises as her tranquil ‘Sedona Sanctuary.’


5. Moving from the 5th Dimension to the 7th Dimension.  While this item belongs also on both ‘The Lies’ & ‘The Crimes’ pages, it is the absurdity of what she is saying that indicates insanity.   In January 2004, Patton West’s charity ‘The Circle of Divine Unity,’ was struck off the Montana charity register after it was found out that Patton West was using the charity as her own personal bank account.  One donation of $80,000 was stolen by Patton West to pay for her son’s legal fees in the matter of a custody hearing dealt with on the ‘The Crimes’ page.  You can read about the theft of that money and the violence meted out by Patton West to employee Susannah Felder, who challenged Patton West about the theft, by going here to read a statement that former board member of the charity AJ White gave the whistleblower John Watson.  At this time, Patton West was the subject of an IRS investigation and was the defendant in multiple fraud related civil lawsuits.  To protect assets from forfeiture, Patton West, via a series of fake loans, stole the charity's main asset, a property worth $1,250,000, and put it in a personal trust fund.  This would later be the subject of a Sheriff’s Sale to force her to pay past victims of crime $2,000,000 in court fines and interest.  In 2005 Patton West, short of money to fund her lavish lifestyle started to ‘harvest’ members of her cult.  Mike Hendrickson was defrauded out of $200,000, Dave Kushner out of $30,000 and Marion Cantwell, after recently selling her home, was kidnapped, held captive, beaten and forced to make a sizeable donation running into tens of thousands of dollars.


Having lost her ashram, and facing bankruptcy for the second time, Patton West was forced to move away from the Victor MT property she had stolen and put in a trust fund for herself.  Patton West was never going to admit her crimes or her financial difficulties to the members of her cult as to do so would admit that she was a common criminal.  Instead Patton West sent out a letter to her entire mailing list announcing her personal transition, and the physical pain caused (see paragraphs 1 & 2) at that time was due to her transition from the 5th dimension to the 7th dimension (see paragraph 4).  Below here is an excerpt from that missive.  You can read the entire missive by going here.

The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


In another missive sent out shortly after the one above, Patton West talked about how she needed to move away from the lower vibrations at Victor MT (the location of her ashram until the charity was struck off for fraud).  She stated that she had found a new location with more refined vibrations that she labelled ‘Shamballa.’


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


She went on to say in her letter that, because of the refined vibrations at Shamballa (which was near Kalispell MT 100 miles north of Victor MT, she could only take 12 disciples with her and only those who would be prepared to commit 66% of their net worth to her good causes.  You can read the entire missive by going here.  Below is an excerpt her letter.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


Patton West can no more change her spots than can a leopard.  Within short order after moving, she was the subject of two arrest warrants, one for criminal check fraud and one for felony theft.  She was convicted of assaulting her business partner (while successfully extorting $1.3 million from her). Was forced to sell her assets at a Sheriff’s Sale to pay past victims of crime $2,000,000 in court fines and interest and was the defendant in several fraud related lawsuits.  Go to ‘The Crimes’ page for more detail.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


6.  The Ascended Masters – Patton West’s ‘Get out of Jail’ card.  In item (4.) above, I referred to a statement Debra Coffey gave to the whistleblower John Watson within which Debra stated that Patton West often denied being to blame for violent assaults, sometimes saying God did it.  In a similar vein, Patton West attributes / excuses her own criminal / insane behavior by invoking the Ascended Masters her favorite being ‘El Morya.’


Dr. Pat Cole MD was one of the ‘lucky disciples’ who had agreed to commit 66% of their net worth to Patton West’s good causes (herself).  However Patton West, desperately in debt, got tired of waiting for Dr. Pat Cole to cough up her 66%.  Accordingly Patton West, working with other members of her cult, orchestrated a campaign of mental and physical abuse designed to force the money out of Cole.  In early April 2006, after a particularly vicious assault which saw Patton West repeatedly hit Cole over the head with the heel of her shoe until blood ran down the victim’s blouse.  As a result the police were called and Patton West was charged with assault.  Within days of the vicious assault upon Dr. Pat Cole MD, and because of the gossip amongst those present, Patton West wrote to her entire mailing list ‘admitting’ the assault. 


However, Patton West sought to ‘justify’ the assault in the eyes of the other brainwashed and conditioned cult members by asserting that her actions were sanctioned by and approved by one of the Ascended Masters that Patton West maintains that she is in communication with.  These are the imaginary voices in Patton West’s head that she uses to justify her behavior.  So, in an attempt to justify the vicious assault on Dr. Cole MD, Patton West invoked the imaginary ‘El Morya’ to come forward and pronounce an opinion on her behalf.  According to pathological liar Patton West, El Morya did just that by channeling a message entitled ‘The Law of Severity on the Path to Purification.’ And in the case of Patton West’s rapacious appetite for other people’s money, El Morya came through with the ‘Financial Form Building’ alleged channeling which gave Patton West the green light to rob, defraud and extort money from everyone around her.


Nothing else demonstrates Patton West’s level of insanity or depravity more than the missive below. 


Below are the first two pages of this four page document and an excerpt from the last page.  The added colored shading and added numbers are mine for reference.  The third and fourth pages in their entirety can be viewed by going here.

The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Let us now analyze some of these statements.  Statements that came out of the head of a criminally insane psychopath who wants us to believe that her vicious assault (and the extortion of $1.3 million) upon Dr. Pat Cole MD was sanctioned by the Gods.

[1.]  ‘Response to the call by Master Surya Devi for Review.’  Since declaring herself an Ascended Master in 1991, Patton West has awarded herself ever more ridiculous titles and accolades including ‘Regent of the Rishis’ and ‘Planetary Guardian’ and ‘Regent of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Western Hemisphere.’  Lately, she has announced herself to be a ‘Blessing to all Souls’ and an ‘Instrument of Mercy’ able to deliver the phenomena of ‘Divine Grace Healings’ and ‘Dispensation of Karma.’  All for a large six figure sum for which the pay portal on her website is set up to receive.  Patton West is a psychotic with huge delusions of grandeur. The personalities she creates (and forces others to accept as real) are all in her head.


[2.]  Who is called today?  None of this is real.  It is all going on inside the head of a mentally ill narcissist who believes, because she has occult hidden knowledge and uses it to enforce her will on others, that this makes her a minor deity. 


[3.]  What this lunatic is saying is that the imaginary non-existent voices in her head are representative of the Christ and therefore their determination should be regarded as wisdom.


[4.]  Patton West, according to the non-existent voices in her head, had at all times acted with grace despite the severity that was meted.  The severity that was meted while the lunatic Patton West was repeatedly hitting Dr. Pat Cole over the head with her shoe watching the blood from Cole’s wounds run down the victim’s face on to her blouse?


[5.]  The voice in the lunatic Patton West’s head says that Patton West’s generosity to Cole has been boundless.  Let me see.  According to witnesses, Patton West viciously assaulted Cole on many occasions.  Patton West, according to Rebecca West (no relation to Devra West) extorted 1.3 million from Cole which included forcing Cole to sign over her home valued at $750,000.  Patton West also and forced her to pay $436,000 in cash for ‘therapy’ and an ‘internship’ according to the Bigfork Eagle newspaper.  According to Dr. Cole’s aunt, Cole also borrowed $50,000 from her which went into Patton West’s pocket.  Again, being criminally insane Patton West in her addles mind thinks she is being generous to Dr. Cole MD.


[6.]  Patton West refers to the pain that Dr. Cole MD has allegedly caused the ‘human family.’  Patton West goes on to assert that her violence towards Cole (while extorting $1.3 million from her) was designed to save her 20 to 30 years of earthly time to bring into balance.  I invite the reader to review the number of victims at Patton West’s hands in Montana alone during 1995 & 2010, and suggest that using Patton West’s own logic, that many tens of thousands of years would be needed to burn off her karma.


[7.]  This shows beyond doubt the level of insanity and depravity of Patton West.  To justify her campaign of vicious assaults and her plans to murder Cole, Patton West asserts that Cole was a Nazi in the WWII death camps in another lifetime.  I am not a psychiatrist, so I will not analyze the level of mental illness that would have one human being say these things about another human being.  Given 28 years of organized crime committed on an industrial basis in three western states by Patton West against scores of victims of theft, fraud, extortion, mental and physical abuse and, given the fact that Jack West stated in 2002 that those who opposed his then wife had a habit of dying suddenly, who do you think was a Nazi in the WWII death camps in another lifetime?  The obvious answer is Patton West!


[8.]  Surya Ma has earned her rank of honor amongst us.  There are only two ways I know to make sense of this statement given that Patton West sits at the head of a dangerous cult / criminal racketeering gang and is suspected of multiple murders.  Either she is criminally insane, or as a card carrying Satanist. The more evil she perpetrates against others the more honor she garners from the devils she worships and seeks to emulate.


[9.]  Let the work now proceed with all haste, as we amplify all matters of benefit that might further the purposes of Surya Ma Devi etc.  In 2008 alone, Patton West was the subject of an arrest warrant for criminal check fraud, was convicted of assaulting Dr. Pat Cole MD, was found guilty of defrauding the whistleblower John Watson and was the subject of an Sheriff’s Sale to force her to pay her creditors $2,000,000 in court fines and interest.  In 2009 she was the subject of an arrest warrant for felony theft.  There were numerous other occasions where Patton West appeared in court as the defendant in fraud related civil lawsuits. 


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


Foot Note.  In July and August of 2007, two newspaper articles were published by the Whitefish Pilot and Bigfork Eagle newspapers respectively.  Both led on Patton West’s assault of Dr. Pat Cole MD and carried details of several other crimes Patton West had committed or was in the process of committing in the Kalispell area of Montana.  Within 24 hours of the first newspaper article appearing, Patton West had several members of her cult post statements of denial on her website (nothing must interfere with criminal racketeering business model that relies on the public believing she is a ‘divine being.’).


Below are links to the statements that all magically appeared on Patton West’s website the day after the Whitefish Pilot newspaper article appeared.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


Above ten statements of denial all, as if by magic, appearing on West’s website on the same day.  These statements in response to the two newspaper articles printed in the Whitefish Pilot & Bigfork Eagle newspapers in 2007.

You can read these statements in full by following the numbered links below. 


1. Geoffrey Reynolds 1     
2. Geoffrey Reynolds 2     
3. Geoffrey Reynolds 3     
4. Reynolds & Williams

5. Julio Williams 1                 
6. Jack West                      
7. Bret Jahola                   
8. Dani Osborne


In April 2008, Patton West was found guilty of assaulting Dr. Pat Cole MD and given a 6 month suspended jail sentence and fined $500.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Patton West, then calling herself the Ascended Master Surya Ma, found guilty of assaulting Dr. Pat Cole MD.  Patton West was awarded a 6 month suspended jail sentence and given a $500 fine.  She did not appear in court saying she was making a film documentary in the Yucatan.  No such documentary was ever aired – just another lie!


Within days of her conviction, Patton West issued a statement on her website stating that she had not assaulted Cole and that Cole’s bogus assault claims were “dismissed” by the court.  Remember, Patton West believes that the truth does not matter if she can convince the public that her lies are their truth.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


As with all psychopaths, Patton West mirrors the crimes she has committed on to her victim.  In Beatrice McGuire’s case (see item (4) above), where in reality Patton West assaulted her.  In Patton West’s mind she deems Beatrice to be mentally ill for accusing Patton West of assaulting her.  In the case of Dr. Cole MD, where Patton West was using violence to extort $1.3 million from Cole, Patton West accuses the victim of “financial fraud.” 


7. The criminally insane narcissist says she is ‘Enlightened.’  In May 2006, Carlida Finch, one of Patton West’s beleaguered employees, made a formal complaint to the Labor Board about her dangerous working conditions.  In the ‘Statement of Fact’ that was part of her submission, she stated that she was given a choice by Patton West either to join her cult and become a low paid no paid slave or be fired.  Carlida chose to resign and make a formal complaint to the labor board about her dangerous working conditions.  The complaint was denied because Patton West was able to field several false witnesses, members of her cult, who said the opposite.  They said the opposite, in spite the violence and cruelty meted out by Patton West each day towards her employees, as attested by witnesses Debra Coffey and AJ White.  In part of Carlida’s Statement of Fact, she refers to the fact that she overheard Patton West saying that she did care if she killed Dr. Pat Cole MD because, as an enlightened being, she could just as easily live in a 6’ X 6’ prison cell as in a $6,000,000 mansion.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Patton West an occult thief / suspected serial killer believes that she is enlightened and that others (her victims?) operate out of a lesser mind.  But she would think that being criminally insane wouldn’t she?


In the image above, part of Carlida Finch’s submission to the labor board, Patton West states that she did not care if she killed Pat Cole because as an enlightened being, she has no ego and could spend her life in prison as easily as a $6,000,000 home (see red arrow).  Of course it would not occur to someone who is criminally insane, that enlightened beings do not commit murder.  In another part of the statement Patton West believes that the rest of the world operates out of a lesser mind (see yellow arrow).   If one reviews The Crimes page, The Lies page, The Fake Testimonials page, The Secret Weapon page, The Fake Bio page, The Narcissist page, The Fake Miracles page and the Fake Career Opportunities page it is clear that Patton West’s philosophy is to prey on the lives of everyone she comes into contact with for financial gain.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: If, on your way to becoming enlightened, you would like to be murdered or have every bone in your hands broken then the grinning idiot above is the Teacher, Visionary, Master and Guide for you.


8. Ex-employees and Students unanimously agree Patton West is evil.  Below is what some of her employees and students had to say about Patton West while they were being mentally and physically abused on their way to being enlightened.


Dr. Pat Cole MD.  This from an interview she gave to the Whitefish Pilot newspaper on July 12 2007.


Cole was the director for one of West's ventures, The Sacred Archives Institute. They worked together for several years. In her statement to the county sheriff's office, Cole claims Patton West abused her verbally and physically.  "She has told me that she has the 'spiritual' power and authority to 'take me out,' to be composted," Cole wrote in the temporary restraining order statement.

Cole claims Patton West threw a lamp at her and hit her with a briefcase, cell phone and her hand.  "She took off her shoe and hit me on the top of my head, causing my scalp to bleed onto my face, neck and clothes," Cole's statement reads. "She threatened to kill me with a gun to my head, 'blowing my brains out,' and advised me to commit suicide by slitting my wrists, after I'd taken out an insurance policy on myself." Photos taken after the alleged beating were submitted to the sheriff's office.


Susannah Felder PhD. This from AJ White on the subject of Patton West’s vicious assault on employee Susannah Felder who challenged Patton West about the $80,000 donation she had stolen from her charity.


In late July 2001, while I was on a business trip to Denver, Susanna Felder, a committed assistant for over 9 years and editor of Devra’s writing, called me.  She called me in severe distress as she had gotten into a heated discussion with Devra on whether or not I should be put on the BOD – there was no Foundation BOD at that time.  Devra became so incensed that she attacked her and ripped clumps of hair out of Susanna’s head. This was severe abuse and ultimately led to Susanna leaving DU within the month.


Dianne Stoner – Executive & Personal Assistant.  Dianne personally experienced a pay cut on day one, Patton West’s contempt for those who gave her money, Patton West’s mental illness and demanding money, Patton West using employee’s money to pay her bills and witnessed the cruelty administered by Patton West towards her employees on a daily basis.  Below are excerpts from a lengthy audio statement given by Dianne Stoner to John Watson to use in his lawsuit against Patton West, but also to let the public know to stay away.


DS on being hired and pay decrease on first day!

DS on West wanting all the money for herself!

DS on wherever the rich are, that is where Devra will go!

DS on West's contempt for people who gave her money!

DS on West the con artist!

DS on West's mental illness and demanding money!

DS on West should be shut down - she is stealing people's money!

DS on West constantly shopping and spending $2K of charity's money to buy pearl necklace!

DS on swapping West's dry cleaning for her last pay check!

DS on West using employee’s personal money to pay for bills!


Kathleen Francisco – Executive Personal Assistant.  Kathleen can attest to Patton West's financial fraud, getting $500K for a ‘divine grace healing,’ paying staff with ‘rubber’ checks, her rages and excessive drinking, pressuring staff to join her cult and generally sucking the life out of employees.  Below are excerpts from a lengthy audio statement given by Kathleen Francisco to John Watson to use in his lawsuit against Patton West, but also to let the public know what this dangerous psychopath is really like.


KF on checks bouncing and West's expensive lifestyle

KF on West's financial impropriety

KF on West the financial 'tricks' up her sleeve!

KF Pressure on staff to join cult!

KF on propping up West with her own money and being asked to 'leave her children!'

KF on Ms. West 'bringing $500K for herself not the charity - spending binge!

KF on Ms. West paying her masseuse with 'rubber checks!'

KF on West's mental health!

KF on dreading going to work and nightmares!

KF on West's rages and excessive drinking

KF on West's alcohol problem!

KF on West's belief that she is God & Christ!

KF on the lies about health benefits etc.

KF on West's cult and the mind conditioning!

KF on West sucking the life out of employees!

DS & KF on shredding documents and the deceit


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: The Divine Feminine. Just as Emperor Palpatine was the daytime disguise for Darth Sidios, Devra Patton West’s guru persona is the disguise for a Satanist Black Magician who works with demonic entities to subjugate and rob those she targets.  Below are three examples of how Patton West transformed three examples of the ‘Divine Feminine.’


9. The Divine Feminine.  Below, three women who were not just assaulted by Patton West but viciously assaulted.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Three examples pf Patton West’s work with the ‘Divine Feminine.’  Above from left to right - Susannah Felder partially scalped, Beatrice McGuire ear partially ripped away from head and last, Dr. Pat Cole MD, repeatedly hit over the head with the heel of Patton West’s shoe until blood ran down her blouse.



Being a card carrying Satanist, Patton West projects a totally false persona to the public that is the exact opposite to what she is in real life as the example below makes very clear.


10.  Brutalizing her two daughter’s in Law.  This is dealt with in great detail in The Crimes page.  However, to fully comprehend the depravity of Devra Patton West, one can do no better than to read the transcript of the custody hearing held on 12 July 2007.  In brief, Patton West’s porn loving, wife beating son Chris Haywood trying to obtain custody of his infant daughter from his estranged wife Jamie Haywood.  It is worth mentioning at this stage that Chris Haywood forced Jamie Haywood to have an abortion when he got her pregnant under age.  It was not just because she was underage, it was because getting his underage girlfriend pregnant would have looked bad while trying to get custody of another infant daughter from his first wife Kendall.  Which with Patton West’s help, he succeeded in doing even though he had an FBI record for forgery, substance abuse and traffic violations.  Read all about it by going to The Crimes page.  Below are some excerpts from Patton West’s home life at the time.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


Above: In court Patton West’s daughter-in-law Jamie Haywood attests that she was the recipient of a campaign of occult ‘under the radar’ violence directed at her by her mother in law who was trying to intimidate her into giving up her daughter.



In addition to stating in court under oath that she was the subject of occult intimidation by Patton West, Jamie Haywood had the very day before, emailed the whistleblower John Watson asking for help.  Below is a copy of her email. The pale blue sentence in the square brackets was added by me.

----- Original Message -----
From: Luille Nelson
Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2007 11:27 PM
Subject: Another victim/ fighting for my life and my 11 month old daughter!
Hello, my name is Jamie Haywood, Chris Haywood's ex-wife. And Devra West's ex daughter in law. Well actually I am in the middle of the divorce.

I finally found this website and have been searching for you and Pat Cole due to the fact that my daughter and I have been subjected to this nasty woman. I thought that I was going crazy and thought there was something wrong with my daughter. Until my mother took me to see a true 'guide' and this wonderful woman told me that I had a spell put on me. She then started to test where it was, lo and behold in the left front side of my brain. Yea something to make me go crazy and whatever else!  [This was the strategy used by Patton West on her son’s first wife Kendall with great success] And that's not all; she also put one in my 11 month old daughter’s internal organs. So this 'guide' took some time and finally removed these wicked spells off of me and my daughter then she told me that I would be protected.

This woman (Devra West) is now involved in the divorce case and in some way or another has been able to take my daughter from my possession.  Chris has our daughter and is living in our so called home (Pat Cole's house) which they will be evicted from shortly.  Pat's house was foreclosed by Wells Fargo Bank and they have to be out in 15 days.  Devra West is also living with Chris at Pat's house because Ms. West was evicted from her 2.6 million dollar home on June 29, 2007. 

Between the 2 of them, they have tried to break me down and all the way down. From verbal abuse to physical abuse. I have been with this wicked family for 6 years now and am so happy to get out alive and with my mind intact. Now, John, I'm not too sure if you can remember a day when you and Devra were in her kitchen at the Nakashalla having some sort of meeting, when Chris and Sondra(his daughter), along with myself came in. and she stood up and told me to get the fuck off out of her home. Now that was the first day that I'd ever met her and it’s been a fight ever since.

Please John, I may need your and Pat Cole's help with getting my daughter Sasha back where she belongs and along with my normal life back. So I am going to leave a phone number and an email address for you and would cherish it if you would call me as soon as possible. I am going into the district court tomorrow and I am going in there with all of your wonderful info and I am going to fight for my daughter to come back to my possession.

Thank You So Much.


PS. I will be waiting patiently for contact from yourself and even better Pat Cole, I have tried to contact her but I'm sure she thinks I'm out to get her but I need you both to help me.

Thank you again, with love Jamie Miscampbell (maiden name)

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From: Luille Nelson
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2007 1:18 AM
Subject: It's me again Please Call Me ASAP!!!!!!!

Dear John, I write again hoping you will hurry up and get a hold of me or have Pat get a hold of me I only have till the morning to get my ducks in order to take Devra (the devil) out.

I will have you know that I have witnessed the beatings that Devra did to Pat and even saw a lot of bruises on her forehead and a wine red bruise covering her whole hand. Pat even had to sell her car for payroll one month and had to walk everywhere, so me loving Pat and wanting to help I let her use my car anytime she wanted to. After the 2nd day of her using my car Devra told her she may not use my car and she must walk everywhere. That is her punishment along with the hundreds of thousands that she made pat give her.

The way she did that was she brainwashed her and beat her into believing that she was at fault for everything going wrong from the Nakashalla and the "Non Profit" thing she had.

Please contact me!!!!!! ASAP

Thank You very much for everything you have done for me!!! 406-250-27xx

P.S. Please have Pat meet me in person so we don't put ourselves in a bad place.


Yet more evidence above of Patton West working with the ‘Divine Feminine.’

While being questioned in court Patton West was asked whether she had assaulted Dr. Pat Cole MD.  Patton West answered No way no how No!  And yet in item (6.) above we have Patton West’s written admission that she had assaulted Dr. Pat Cole MD and that the assault meted by her was severe but administered with grace!  Spoken like a criminally insane narcissist.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: In line 1 Patton West denies that she is verbally and physically abusive towards her employees.  In line 16 Patton West denies assaulting Dr. Pat Cole MD even though she did it in front of several witnesses and admitted it in writing.



Finally, Jamie Haywood describes how Patton West got in a fight with her son, Chris Haywood, which resulted in him grabbing her by the neck and holding her against a wall upon which she preceded to lick his face from top to bottom.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Daughter-in-law Jamie Haywood was one of the witnesses that saw Patton West viciously assault Dr. Pat Cole MD.  Jamie goes on to relay how she saw the violent exchange between Patton West and her son Chris Haywood.



The last piece of evidence from the sworn testimony of Jamie Haywood we would like to share is about what life is really like in the Patton West household.  Below is an excerpt from her testimony which reveals just how sordid and depraved that home life is.

The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Patton West’s daughter-in-law alleges that Chris Haywood would ‘jerk’ himself off in front of others while watching pornography on his laptop.  Other revelations include breaking her nose, forcing her to have an abortion and dropping her off at night in the middle of nowhere while she was 8 months pregnant.  The police picked her up and took her home.



You can review all three parts of the custody hearing transcript by following the links below here.


Part 1 (Pages 01 to 70).     Part 2 (Pages 71 to 140).   Part 3 (Pages 141 to 170).


Jamie Haywood’s email and her testimony in court give us all a glimpse of what Patton West is really like compared to the lies and propaganda featured on her websites and her Facebook pages.  Add to that the information we have compiled on the other pages on this website i.e. The Fake Bio, The Secret Weapon, The Lies, The Crimes, The Narcissist, Fake Miracle Cures, Fake Career Opportunities and Fake Testimonials it must leave one in no doubt that Patton West is criminally insane.


11. A recent Facebook Posting.  Compare all the above information with a recent posting from her Facebook pages.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


Note some of ridiculous statements made by this con artist / violent convicted criminal.  I list below some of those statements as numbered in the above image:-

1. ‘As the light that stands behind leaders and world servers from across the globe.’

2. ‘As a planetary regent etc…’

3. ‘As an instrument of mercy she offers the phenomena of Divine Grace Healing and… the karmic resolution of divine dispensation!’

5.  Regency International’ is probably a series of offshore bank accounts similar to the ones Patton West was known to have had in 2002.

6.  ‘The Rishi Collection of fine art, sacred heirlooms and antiquities etc...’


Numbers (1), (2), (3) & (5) above, are clearly part of a large fraud scam.  Item (3.) is what Dr. Williams is on hand to add credibility to, even to the extent of providing his own home as a venue (see below) to interview cancer patients to see if they could afford the six figure sum Patton West was demanding in 2002 for her fake cures.  If anyone doubts that this is occurring, then read a statement Patton West gave to the Whitefish Pilot newspaper in 2007 wherein she claimed to be teaching physicians how to cure cancer.  In 2002, her then housekeeper Kathleen Francisco, heard Patton talking about how she had just made $500,000 in one day and was jumping for joy!  Apparently that was the going rate for a miracle cure in 2002!

The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Bottom left Dr. Julio E Williams’ home provided as a venue for organized crime i.e. ‘Sacred Sundays with Rishi.’ Right two gushing testimonials from Williams a 20 year member of her cult / criminal racketeering gang.


Number (6).  The Rishi Collection of fine art, sacred heirlooms and antiquities was stolen from a Montana charity and hidden in a lock up for ten years and then those very items reappeared in Cave Creek AZ as for sale at auction or from her website.  These are the items she refers to as ‘The Rishi Collection’ and which could be found on her previous website until it was pulled down at the end of 2019.  These items were collectively worth $4,000,000 as valued in 2002.  For more on this go to ‘The Crimes’ page on this website.

12. The Planetary Regent and other idiotic statements.  Below are some of the titles and accolades this criminally insane narcissist as given to herself in recent times.  After leaving Montana in 2010 with multiple arrest warrants, a conviction for assault, after being forced to sell her assets to pay past victims of crime $2,000,000 in court fines and interest and after multiple appearances in court there as the defendant in fraud related lawsuits upon arriving in Arizona she announces she is:-


The Regent of the Masters (see image below). 

The Regent of the New Americas (see image below).

She is assigned the “Great Work” of guiding humanity etc. (see image below).


Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, The Mataji, The Regent,

Above: Nobody wears a king sized bed sheet quite like narcissist Devra Patton West. Being criminally insane and, having literally gotten away with murder for 28 years, Patton West awards herself with ever more ludicrous titles and accolades.


Her self-elevation to ‘Regent of the Masters’ means she is ……


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


Superior in the ‘spiritual’ hierarchy to Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and scores of other so called Ascended Masters.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


Of course all of this is lies, propaganda, and nothing more than the ‘shop window’ of her criminal racketeering business model with which she hopes to attract future victims.  If Jamie Haywood’s testimony and the other evidence that we have presented does not convince you that Patton West is a vile despicable criminal / or criminally insane, then listen to what she had to say to the whistleblower in March 2003. 


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

1. The truth does not matter (if she can convince the public that her lies are their truth).
West says her agreements are worthless.
West agrees she has defrauded John Watson but does not see herself paying him!
West acknowledges that she is a control freak and admits to disposing of people like used Kleenex.
West goes berserk and in an expletive laden tirade accuses the whistleblower of exploiting her vulnerability!  This behavior proves beyond doubt that Devra West is criminally insane.  
West says that if Watson sues her she’ll get so f*cking down and dirty huge expenses coming out of his pocket and not hers because Williams will pay her legal fees.
West says she feels stabbed in the back and f*cked up the arse by Watson’s insistence that West pay her the $50,000 she owes him.  West has an emotional melt down and leaves in hysterics!


In closing, it is clear that wanna be planetary regent Patton West is criminally insane.  The question arises as to whether her 20 year accomplice, Dr. Julio E Williams MD, is also mentally ill or just a willing participant in racketeering and murder.  A visit to the ‘Fake Testimonials’ page will show the many ‘testimonials’ Williams has provided over the past 15 years, even though he was totally aware of the scores of crimes being committed by her against her employees, students and two ex-daughters in law.


Dr. Julio Williams, The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Dr. Julio E Williams MD a 20 year student and member of Patton West’s cult / criminal racketeering gang. 

His career as a physician and thoracic surgeon clearly takes a distant second place to the duties to the leader of his cult.



Below are some more titles and accolades that Patton West has awarded to herself recently.


As the Light that stands behind leaders and world servers from across the globe.

As a Planetary Regent.  

As an instrument of mercy she offers the phenomena of divine grace healings and the karmic resolution of divine dispensation.  (If you pay her she’ll give you a miracle cure and forgive your past karma).

She has been preparing for thousands of years to guide humanity…

Her presence in Sedona & Scottsdale is a blessing to all souls.

She received her call to serve the world at age 7.


The Rishi, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Devra Asi Maa, Omniawakening,


Not copyrighted – Feel free to circulate widely especially in Sedona & Scottsdale AZ