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The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa,
Above: Under the protection of ‘Religious Freedom’ laws Devra Patton West is free to manufacture as many lies as she wishes.  Any other ‘product’ described in a way purposefully intended to defraud the public would result in prosecution.

After operating her cult / criminal racketeering business model in three western states over the past 28 plus years, Patton West has a well-oiled formula for persuading the ‘sheeple’ to walk into her corral (cult) where after brainwashing and conditioning, they are harvested for cash or their energy.  A big part of her success is her ability to tell lies so convincingly and portray her propaganda in a way that ‘speaks’ to many spiritual seekers desire to be led / saved by someone (other than themselves).  After acquiring tens of millions of dollars over decades from organized crime, Patton West is well able to afford the cost of building an illusion that would be worthy of a Hollywood block buster film.  The mansion, the Greek Goddess outfits and the expensive websites that must cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, all create the illusion that Patton West is what she says claims to be.  A divine being that has been preparing to lead humanity for thousands of years! 

The image at the top of this page was taken from her new website,  which was put up in the first week of January 2020. Let us analyze some of the statements made in that image, starting with the opening statement next to the red arrow.

1.  Quietude and Seclusion.  The reason Patton West likes to be secluded and live behind a gated community is for her own safety.  After using the occult to target one victim in New Mexico, Patton West, her then husband Jack West, and their young daughter Anna, were literally chased out of the state in the middle of the night by one gun wielding victim who realized that the police and the law courts could not deliver justice.  After ripping so many people off and causing so many pain and suffering, there are many who would want to get their revenge were they able to gain access to Ms. West.  Similarly, hiding inside a gated community makes it difficult for those wanting to serve her with legal documents.  For this reason, as you will see from her calendar below here, all attendees to her ‘private sessions’ are heavily vetted i.e. via an invitation or RSVP.

The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa,

Above: All attendees to her ‘Private Sessions’ are heavily vetted in case any of her enemies try to reach her and or to prevent legal papers being served on her.  It shows just how crazy of sure of herself that this criminal is that she continues to operate.

2. She is sanctified to embody the role of Regent of the New Americas.  This belongs on the ‘Evidence of Insanity’ page and is further proof that she is either criminally insane, or just so confident that nobody is going to challenge her.

3. As a revered executor of the Divine Plan, she is assigned the “Great Work” of guiding humanity through an extraordinary time etc.  It is clear that Patton West’s ‘Great Work’ is a) to separate as many people from their bank accounts as possible, and b) brainwash and condition as many sheeple into to worshipping her as possible.  This is what psychopaths and Narcissists do.

Of course, Patton West after drinking her own Kool Aid for 28 years, may have come to believe her own bullshit.  That said, back in March 2003 Patton West told the whistleblower, and I quote, “The truth does not matter if she can convince the public that her lies are their truth.” You can hear her say this in her own words by going here.  So, everything you read or see on her website, including her bio / life story is a lie.

This image below was taken from Patton West’s previous website that was taken down at the end of 2019. 

The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa,

Above: The above propaganda is part of an entirely fake persona created by the mind of psychopath / narcissist, who believes that her lies will not be challenged by the authorities because they are ‘protected’ by religious freedom laws.


And the following came from the same webpage. The [ ] brackets are mine.

The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa,

EVERYTHING written above is a total pack of lies and has ZERO foundation in truth or reality, as you see for yourself if you visit The Crimes, The Lies, Evidence of Insanity and other web pages on this website.

Below we briefly respond to the numbered points raised above in her FAKE biography.

[1] & [2]. There is zero evidence that Devra Patton West has any interest anyone’s prosperity but her own.  She is also tireless servant of her own self-interests at the expense of everyone she comes into contact with.

[3].  Her life story is remarkable in that it is totally fake and created from the imagination of a psychopathic / narcissist who believes that she can intimidate and if necessary, murder those who challenge her version of reality.

[4]. Spiritually awakened household is a massive joke.  Follow this link to evidence given in court by Patton West’s daughter-in- law Jamie Haywood explaining how Patton West  got into a fight with her porn loving, wife beating son, whose face she licked from top to bottom when he forced her up against a wall by her throat.  Read the daughter-in-law’s entire testimony to see how sordid Patton West’s home life really is.

[5], [6] & [7].  Apart from an old circa 2001 photograph of West gate crashing a peace protest in Israel (where she has offshore bank accounts) for a photo opportunity there is zero evidence that Patton West attends leadership groups, humanitarian groups in regions of conflicts let alone international think tanks.  The whistleblower John Watson set up the Peace Promise Initiative in 2002. That non-profit did not exist in the year 2000.  A review of the last page of the Bylaws clearly show them being signed and dated [May 03 2002]. The Bylaws also show the Secretary of State for Montana’s date stamp showing May 15 2002.  Note Devra Patton West’s signature at the top, and the whistleblower John Watson’s underneath hers.  Like all the other initiatives and businesses containers Patton West gets involved with, they quickly become a total financial disaster as she drains them of all finances to fund her lavish lifestyle.  The newspaper article published by the Bigfork Eagle newspaper in August 2007, shows two of her ‘businesses never being registered, two of them being involuntarily dissolved and one involuntarily revoked.

The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa,

[8]. The only regions of conflict that Patton West has spent any time in is her home and business environment.  The second part of the custody hearing transcript held on July 12 2007, makes it clear that Patton West’s home life is a war zone. And her work life is no better.  Here are three statements from ex-employees; the first, her ex-office manager Rebecca west (no relation) her email is entitled ‘Help Me.’  The second is from ex-employee Carlida Finch who overheard Patton West planning to murder Dr. Pat Cole MD if Cole did not hand over $1.3 million to her.  Carlida’s Statement of Fact was part of a submission to the authorities about her unsafe working environment.  Finally, there is a statement that Dr. Pat Cole gave the Whitefish Pilot newspaper in July 2007.  Cole stated that Patton West repeatedly beat her over the head with the heel of her shoe until blood ran down her blouse.  Then there is Patton West’s attack on her student Beatrice McGuire, that left the victim needing plastic surgery which West paid for.  Then there is the vicious attack on employee Susannah Felder, that left Felder partially scalped. Yes, Patton West’s knows a lot about ‘regions of conflict.’

[9]. If you believe Patton West’s lies, she was immersing herself ever deeper in the divine while, robbing, defrauding, extorting, beating both employees and students to her unaccredited school for occult studies.  While immersing herself in the divine, she picked up an arrest warrant for criminal check fraud in 2008, was forced to sell all her assets (those not hidden) at a Sheriff’s Sale to make her pay past victims of crime $2,000,000 in court fines and interest.  Also in 2002, the whistleblower John Watson was awarded judgment against Patton West and awarded $776,000 after being defrauded by her in 2002. In 2009 she was the recipient of an arrest warrant for Felony Theft.  She was the defendant in several fraud related lawsuits in Montana during this time (see below for details) and all this while immersing herself in the divine!

The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa,

[10]. The reader can get a sample of that profound eloquence and divine grace by listening to just three excerpts of a 45 minute conversation that Patton West had with the whistleblower in March 2003 after he announced he was going to sue her for defrauding him a lawsuit he won in 2008.  WARNING - eloquent and divinely graceful self-appointed deity dropping the F bomb more than once.  Example 1 (I feel f*cked up the arse).  Example 2 (You are f*cking over a spiritual teacher for Christ sake). Example 3 (I’ll go so f*cking down and dirty) if Watson sues her for fraud after she admits in the same conversation that she did defraud him but does not see herself writing out a check for the money she owes him!
[11]. Many books could be filled about her criminal racketeering business model that has operated so far in three western states.  States that either do not understand white collar crime or do not have the resources to prosecute it successfully.  Patton West would not get away with her crimes in the eastern states; Martha Stewart went to jail for far less. 

[12]. Patton West is a dangerous psychopath and suspected serial killer.  Point [4] above, speaks to the sordid home life; the fact that her son has an FBI record for forgery, dangerous drugs and motor vehicle offenses is a testimony to West’s mothering skills.  The apple does not fall far from the tree!  As far as grandchildren are concerned, there is evidence that Patton West has targeted both of her son’s ex-wives in an attempt to intimidate them into giving up their female infant children to West’s son Chris Haywood.  Her campaign of occult ‘under the radar’ violence succeeded in subverting the custody case involving Haywood’s first wife Kendal (she lost her daughter to West’s son) but did not succeed a second time against Chris Haywood’s second wife Jamie who wrote an email about it to the whistleblower.  She also mentioned the occult attacks in her testimony at the custody hearing.  Read this bulletin to see how Patton West uses occult knowledge to intimidate witnesses to court cases, subvert court cases and even manipulate judges to get the outcome she wants.

[13]. As you can see from the above, Patton West is a tireless servant to lining her own financial nest at the expense of everyone she meets and why not the weapon she uses to subdue and silence (intimidate and murder) victims and witnesses is not recognized as a weapon under legal statute so she has been on a criminal rampage for 27 years with no sign of stopping.

The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa,

[14]. Coherence of authenticity?  What a friggin joke.  The woman is a pathological liar as the above shows, but here are four more well documented examples that show that Patton West is a pathological liar.  Example 1.  On April 17 2006, just days after Patton West had assaulted Dr. Pat Cole MD and days after the police carried out their investigation, Patton West writes to her entire mailing list sending a missive entitled ‘The Law of Severity on the Path to Purification.’  In this missive, that Patton West wants us to believe she channeled from the long dead Ascended Master El Morya, she admitted beating Dr. Cole, she admitted that the assault meted was severe but administered with grace.  She went on to assert that as the victim was a Nazi in the WWII death camps (in another lifetime) that the assault was long overdue.  Did I say that Patton West is criminally insane? No mention of the $1.3 million she extorted from Dr. Pat Cole.  Example 2. When appearing in court as a witness for her son on July 12 2007, Patton West was asked by counsel if she had assaulted Dr. Cole.  Patton West replies No way no how No!  Example 3.  While in court she was asked by her lawyer if her business was a multi-billion dollar enterprise.  West replied yes.  Three weeks later on August 9 2007, a newspaper article was published by the Bigfork Eagle newspaper which showed that Patton West had just been evicted from two rental properties in quick succession and had a lien for unpaid employment insurance against her in the amount of $2,287 and had just bounced a check for deposit on the purchase of a property.  Example 3. The Whitefish Pilot published a news article on July 12 2007, the very same day that Patton West was telling lies at the custody hearing for her son Chris Haywood.  The article reveals that Patton West was fraudulently using images of a multimillion dollar lakeside property owned by Robert & Tabby Ivy in both her brochures and on her website.  She was doing this in spite of the fact that the real owners had for 2 years being asking her not to do so.  Clearly, this is all part of a massive fraud to present herself to the public as something she is not.  Example 4.  What follows are three excerpts from a conversation the whistleblower John Watson had with Patton West in March 2003.  She did not realize he was recording the conversation.  1. The truth does not matter (if I can convince the public that my lies are their truth).  2. My agreements are worthless. 3. I dispose of people like Kleenex.  This is about as authentic as it gets where Patton West is concerned!

The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa,

[15] & [16]. Patton West’s criminal business model works on many levels. When operating as Devra Ji in Victor MT, she had the cult constantly fund raising for donations to fund her latest greatest save the planet scheme when in reality the money went straight in her pocket.  The whistleblower knew this and when he tried to fix the problem she constructively dismissed him which led to his lawsuit.  About a year earlier employee Susannah Felder caught Patton West stealing $80,000 from her charity and when she challenged Patton West she was viciously assaulted and partially scalped.  When the whistleblower reported the fraud the Secretary of State for Montana he struck her charity off the register by revoking its status.  Patton West, losing her source of income, stole the charity’s main asset (worth $1,250,000 in 2002) and put it in a personal trust fund for herself and her eldest son, Rob Meador.  In 2008, a judge forced the breakup of the trust to make Patton West sell those assets at a Sheriff’s Sale to force her to pay her creditors $2,000,000 in court fines and interest.  In addition to the property that she stole from the charity $4,000,000 (as valued in 2002) worth of art work and valuables were stolen and hidden in a lock up for 10 years until the statute of limitations on theft expired.  In 2009, while being deposed by the whistleblower’s lawyer, Patton West was questioned about these items.  In her statement, taken under oath, Patton West denies knowing the whereabouts of these items, acknowledges that they did exist but suggests they were stolen or hauled off.  She further stated that she had given up all physical possessions.  In 2014, items exactly matching the items presented to West on a list in 2009 suddenly appeared at auction and for sale from her website.  Prior to the taking down of her old website [ ] at the end of 2019, those items could be seen on her website under the art gallery tab.  You can view some of the images of the stolen artwork and valuables taken from her previous website by going here and here.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.  Below is an image depicting Patton West’s rise from pot grower, drug dealer, con artist and bankrupt to becoming the Regent of the New Americas!

The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa,

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